Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Birthday Party

Louie's birthday is on the Monday, but we had his party on the Sunday so that all his relatives from around the country could come. We had a lovely weekend with Grandma Jojo, Elle, Dani, Rob and Summer. It was wonderful. In the morning, Louie opened some of his presents, one of them being the Wheelybug Bee from his Mama and Papa.
 And his Grandma Jojo bought him the beautiful Rainbow stackey buildey toy thing! Which we did ask for, and Louie loves it! Although, he didn't build this structure, Elle and I did!

Playing with Papa

Sleepy boy
 So all morning we were getting ready, making food and preparing the house. I made the conservatory into a play room for all the littleies, it was lovely! Isn't it colourful!

The wonderful cake!

Mama, Papa and Babybee
 Later in the afternoon, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candle (With a little help from Mama!). Louie was fascinated by the cake!

Grandma Jojo and our beautiful niece, Summer Daisy
 All in all, we all had a lovely day, Louie was a little overwhelmed by all the people but he was a good boy. A perfect party for a perfect boy.

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