Tuesday, 11 January 2011


 Louie's Christmas present from Mama and Papa was his lovely wooden garage. He loves it! He really is playing so nicely now, and is very interested in putting things in and taking things out, putting lids on and things like that. The most precious thing about the garage was when we were putting it together. Louie was so interested in the screwdriver that that was all he played with all evening. He went around all of the screws trying to use the screwdriver, and he had it all right. He really does amaze me how bright he is and the little things he does each day. Yesterday we visited his nursery for the first time, they gave all the little ones toast and their cups. Louie wasn't interested in the toast but went round and put all the lids on each of the cups. 
Children really are so magical!

Oh and check Louie out in his big boy PJs now!

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