Sunday, 30 June 2013


Sun shining, stawberry picking, picking a monster strawb, treating the bee, reading books, barbeque and playing all day in the sunshine. 
It really doesn't get any better than this. What a perfect weekend.

Saturday, 29 June 2013


We parked our car by the side of the road and started walking. With no great idea of where we were going, we ended up at Beacon Hill Country Park and decided to make a day of it. It was just what we needed. A 6 mile hike feeling as free as a bird.
We walked, picnicked, walked some more, found the Old Man of Beacon Hill, did the native tree trail, played in the natural play park and of course walked some more.
A perfect day.

 (Mr Bee took this one, he demanded I stand for my photograph. Not too bad really!)

 The views from the summit of Beacon Hill are vast and beautiful. You can see all over Leicester and Loughborough, and the neighbouring Bradgate Park and Old John.


Friday, 28 June 2013



The past few weeks have been hectic as we have been working hard redecorating our bedroom. What was supposed to only be an easy weeks work turned out to be a complete overhaul.
Our bedroom hadn't been decorated for nearly 10 years, was a very bright pink and certainly needed updating. Poor Dan has lived in a pink bedroom for nearly 4 years!

We decided on a green colour scheme with cream accents. The carpet and curtains are beautiful and look lovely against the green walls. We replaced our bed (thank goodness!) and added a beautiful antique mirror and found a new chair at a local vintage shop.

We decided to store a lot of the things from our shelves, keeping out only our DVD collection (far too important to put away!) and a few books that we hadn't yet read/finished, making our shelves free for photographs and keepsakes.

Our bedroom is now so peaceful and tranquil, far from the busy and vibrant state it was in before. It took weeks but was well worth it :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Today I got to meet a new little person. My very good friend Rachel gave birth to a stunning little lady nearly four months ago and today I got to meet her for the very first time. Little Skye was totally adorable, and totally my new best friend! She seemed to like me, so much that she even fell asleep with me, that is a pretty high honour for a baby! And of course, Mr Bee was smitten., giving her gentle kisses and  pats.
After our snuggles with the little beauty, we headed off for home, but decided to have a little drive and a wander first. We headed out to places we haven't explored before and found lots of footpaths that were too overgrown to walk, we had fun playing in the tall, yellow fields.

Bosworth Battlefield

Yesterday, we made a visit to Bosworth Battlefield, the site where King Richard III was to be the last of the Plantagenet line of monarchs. It was here that he was slain and the new King, Henry the VII became the new King of England, and started the Tudor Monarchy. 
Of course, this is completely thrilling for Mr Bee, who is completely obsessed with Kings and Queens at the moment, Richard III being his favourite of course, despite his Lancastrian background!

We headed off with a picnic and then let the boys do their thing.

 The view from Ambion Hill where Henry VII and his troops began their descent to the battlefields below.

A wonderful walk took us all around Ambion Hill, down to Shenton Railway Station where we had a look around the glass blowing studio. A big walk back to the car and the boys were so tired! We saw lots of animals and lots of beautiful views and had a thoroughly lovely day out!
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