Friday, 29 April 2011

Gen-Y Review

When it comes to change time, the first nappies I always grab are either Pockets or All in Ones, anything that 'goes on like a disposable'. Two parter nappies have always been a bit of a faff for me.
However, like the Weehuggers, I can change for a pretty print! How fickle!

Gen-Y's landed in the UK in January, and immediately took off. I mean, why wouldn't they, they are absolutely GORGEOUS!  For many cloth bum mummies, appearance is everything! And having the best prints around always gets you kudos. And Gen-Y certainly offer the most glorious range of prints around.

Gen-Y wraps come in two styles, the Classic and the Universal, so they really cater for everyone. The Classic cover comes in 5 sizes, XS to XL and the Universal comes in two sizes fitting from 6-18lbs and 18-35lbs. They can also be used over just about any absorbent nappy that you can find! 

The delightful prints are limited edition, and only a certain number of each design will be made, so once they are sold out, that is it. This gives them a high resale value, due to sought after designs. So when I heard news that Elizabeth had sourced a Glow in the Dark fabric with stars on, knowing my star addiction, I could not wait for us to receive our shipment of them!

I opted for the Universal cover, as I much prefer adjustable nappies, as you can get a much better fit with them, and of course they will last that bit longer, which is awesome because I would hate to have to put them away because they are too small :( The Universal cover has adjusting poppers under the crotch, which I really like the idea of, because when your child is in a nappy on the biggest size, you can see all of the poppers. But with the Gen-Y, you can't. I was slightly worried that the poppers might irritate between the legs but there has been no marks or anything. Very impressed.

So far, I have used my Gen-Y cover with Flip Stay Dry inserts, Weehugger inserts, an Issy Bear night insert, prefolds and fitted nappies, all with great success.
With the slimmer inserts (Flip Stay Dry and Weehuggers) I have the wrap on its smallest setting and it fits like a dream. My little man has averagely chunky thighs but a funny shaped tummy, and we had no problems getting a good fit, which was nice and slim.
With the chunkier inserts, I let some of the poppers out to accommodate the bulk. Even still, they provided a trimmer look than other wraps, and they also seemed to smooth over the prefold, not giving that defined bulk that you can get with that style nappy.

Because they are a side snapping nappy, they come quite low on the leg, which is really good news for users of fitted nappies and terry squares. It gives that extra bit of protection and comfort in the leg area, so you don't have to worry about ill fitting coverage.

Down to my love for my Gen-Y wrap and my Weehugger wrap, I have a new found fondness of two-parter nappies. I can just throw a few inserts into my bag and a spare wrap and they don't take up as much space as the pocket nappies.

Gen-Y wraps are also affordable! With the Classic covers available at £10.95 and the Universal covers at £13.50, they are a really reasonable price for such a beautifully made, reliable and versatile product.
You can get yours from Fill Your Pants right now!

Activity Mat

As I have vowed to myself that I would try and give as many handmade gifts this year as possible, I jumped at the chance of making a lovely baby gift for my wonderful friend Anna. Her little bundle, known as 'Splodge' is due mid June, so I have had plenty of time to think up things to make for them, and collect bits and pieces to make them with.
So far I have made a drawstring bag, which is holding all the goodies that I have been collecting for them. She has also thought up a wonderful idea of knitting a blanket where all her friends and family donate squares to contribute! You can find out more about the blanket here :)

After Christmas, I bought a lovely bundle of gorgeous kiddy fabrics in anticipation of a big project, but I had no idea what to make. Some thinking drew me to the conclusion of putting together a play mat for the baby! I thought it would be a challenge for me, but a beautiful gift to give to a new baby. Something that no other baby will have too!
However, I have never quilted before, and have absolutely no idea what I am doing, so it is very much trial and error. I have already had to scrap two panels which have just gone completely pear shaped and aren't salvageable, which is unfortunate. 
So third time lucky, I have hand appliqued the bits on to the backing panel and it has gone well! I have used cross stitch thread to applique, as I thought this would give a nice texture and nice bright colours!

 Clearly, it is a hit with the kids, as Louie absolutely adores it! He wouldn't let me take a picture of it and kept running away with it!
So this is the first panel so far! The clouds are felt and lightly padded, and the airplane is made from two different fabrics, and is stuffed with a crinkly sounding material!

Hopefully the other panels will turn out as nice and it will come together to be a lovely gift for baby Splodge!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bit of a catch up

 Last week Louie was rather poorly. I suspected he might have an infection and took him down to the out of hours doctor at the Royal. They put the frighteners on us and told us that he might have pneumonia and all sorts and we were admitted. Thankfully it is just a virus and over two weeks later, he is back to his normal self again. As you can see from the first photos, he really was a poorly little bee :(

 I have been making ice lollies for Louie, as I refuse to give him lollies packed full of sugar and additives. Instead he now has some lovely lollies with just strawberries and yoghurt which are delicious, and it used up dregs from the fridge!

Louie's new favourite hobby is gardening! He recieved a watering can/gardening set from us for his Easter gift, and a greenhouse from Nana and he is thrilled with them! Although he can't use it all properly just yet, he is giving such a good go! He has had such fun throwing water all over him self with the watering can and has been digging up the dead pots and smearing the soil into his skin! He is such a joy!

Water play

We haven't been blogging for the past few days for a very good reason! The sun has been out and we have been basking in its goodness!

On Friday, Grandma Jojo and Elle arrived, so we have had a lovely weekend with them, enjoying the glorious weather, making the most of it whilst it is still here! So we decided to get the paddling pool out for Louie, to help keep him cool.
He was loving splashing around and playing with the duckies! I fished out our lovely Josephjoseph set that Mom got us for Christmas, as I knew it would be fab for water play! We made a shower with the colander and got up to all sorts with the measuring cups!

You don't need expensive toys to entertain a child! 

Friday, 22 April 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

The glorious weather has forced us out into the sun! Today we went to Brocks Hill park with Teresa, Harry and Emily, oh and Nana! Louie loved chasing all the children, and found a happy spot in the sand pit!
 Then he tried with all his might to climb a rather steep hill, which he did, on all fours! Clever sausage!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Time To Say Goodbye...

To my (not so) faithful friend, Dougie. I bought Dougs on the 13/02/2008 from a chap a very long way up my street for £700 (? it was a while ago!) After three months, she needed an engine replacement, new clutch and various other things doing. I should have just called it quits and sold her then, but I loved my first little car so much, that I hung on to her for dear life.
We have been on many adventures, to Felixstowe, York, Fleetwood, London, Burnley and many more that I can't recall right now, and she has been so much fun. From the first drive out in her the day I passed my test, to just the mundane drive to work, she has been my best friend!

After being towed home from London, Dead as a doornail, May 2008
I can't even count the amount of repairs she has had since I have had her, numerous trips to Blackburn Brakes, Halfords and the like and I dread to think how much it has cost me to keep her going.
She has had a brand new engine, another new head gasket and top end on top of that, two catalytic converters, exhausts, pipes, bulbs, you name it, Dougie has probably eaten one whilst I have had her!
Dougie and Mikey's car at Bradgate Park, Summer 2008
Shiny and clean, with Alex's 205 GTi, 2009

106 owners Go Karting meet, September 2009

After a BIG wash (clay bar and everything), 2009
The worlds most fun, most uneconomical car in existence. I will miss her so much!

But after one too many failed MOT's (it has failed every year I have owned her, been passed with dodgy MOTs, quick fixes, just getting by etc) that now, it really is just too much to fix her. The bill was passed for two big spots of welding to be re-done and a new rear beam (which has had awful camber since I can remember and only now has it been a problem). Alas, it is time to say goodbye to the little beauty that is my 1.0l Peugeot 106 Deathcab. 
May she rest in peace in a scrapyard in the sky!

Swithland Wood
When the HG went for the second time!

The 'Shed' and Dougie! 
And the irony, is that for the first year that I have had her, she passed her emissions test TWICE!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: Weehuggers

Cute enough to plan an outfit around!
I am not really a big fan of two parter nappies, but when the new Weehugger prints came in at Fill Your Pants, I honestly, could not resist. The "Save the Whales' print engulfed me like a siren song! I was besotted, hook, line and sinker! My justification for buying yet another nappy, was that it will look SO adorable on the beach with a little teeshirt when we go on holiday!

Weehugger nappies come in two sizes, Size 1 (6-18lbs) and Size 2 (15-35 kbs) and both sizes are adjustable by 3x3 poppers at the front. The wraps are made from a really soft cotton which is laminated with PUL to make it waterproof. They have deep leg gussets which are really useful, as they prevent leakages.

Weehuggers are available in Aplix and Poppers. This is where I was put off by the Weehuggers. Louie has been able to undo aplix nappies since he was about 6 months old, so when I am choosing nappies, poppers are a big decider for me. BUT the selling point of the Weehuggers is that the aplix fasteners are in the shape of little mittens, so it really looks like the nappy is hugging the child. Aww ! So I thought I would try it out, because the poppers just aren't as cute!! I was amazed that the aplix is so strong, sometimes I struggle to undo it myself! This is a really big deal for me, as I have big reservations when it comes to velcro fastenings.

The Weehugger inserts also come in two sizes, and are made from bamboo, so they are super thirsty. They are one of the thinnest inserts that we own, even though you need to fold them in half. They are now my favourite insert to use in two-parter nappies by far. They are so slim fitting and just absolutely absorbent, I can not rate them enough.

Weehugger wrap with a Little Lamb fitted
Louie came down with a bug a few weeks ago and as he wasn't eating much, just having breast milk regularly, his poo reverted back to the breastfed consistency and our normal nappies just weren't doing the job at containing the mess. So we delved into the cupboard and fished out the Little Lamb fitted nappies. The Weehugger wraps fit so snugly around them, giving him such a cute little bum! This combination was a winner, with no leaks!

The Weehuggers are compatible with many types of inserts, including Flip inserts, prefolds, disposable inserts etc. and do provide quite a slim fit with most of these inserts.

I really am in love with my very cute Weehugger wrap, and although I am not a big fan of the AI2 style, I do find myself reaching for it and reusing the wrap as much as I can, because it just so cute!

Weehuggers come in a range of different colours and patterns so there really is something for everyone. They retail at £14.99 and you can get them here at Fill Your Pants!

Monday, 11 April 2011



Easter Hare
Plenty of Eggs
Spring Books - Hope and New Life, The Hungry Caterpillar, The Tadpoles Promise, Guess How Much I Love You All Year Round

Sunday, 10 April 2011

My bright little boy!

Another glorious day spent in the garden, with both of our toys out! Louie's cars and my sewing. Louie played happily with his cars and his easter chicks whilst I made more easter eggs. This time with ribbon to hang them on an easter tree. 

 Without any prompting, Louie grabbed one of the eggs with ribbon, wandered over to the Azalia and hung it up, then carried on when more were made. This little boy astounds me every day at how intelligent he is. As my Mom says, I think he has been here before!

It fell under the table

Proud of himself!

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