Sunday, 10 April 2011

Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde, what a lot of girls dream of, having light blonde locks. So most people go for the bottle of peroxide. Luckily, I have always had blonde hair, but it has gotten gradually darker as I have gotten older.
I have never dyed my hair, and vow never to do so. But now, people can't even tell I was blonde! Which is a bit disheartening.
So I have decided to have a go at naturally lightening my hair, with lemon juice and sunlight.

Work lemon juice into dry, clean hair and sit out in the sun until it is dry.

Can't be too difficult can it? I juiced a lemon (we had some left over with no zest from the lemon drizzle cake we made yesterday so it was perfect to use it up) I brushed it through with an old pastry brush that we don't use anymore and sat out in the sun. The lemon seemed to thicken my hair, which is an added bonus, as my hair is so dreadfully thin. It also made my hair very knotty and dry, so you need to keep brushing/combing through to help stop it going hard. Once it was dry, I reapplied some more, from one lemon I got about three goes.

I thought that it might have been a pretty good experiment, but after two goes, I don't think it has done anything :( Which is a shame :(
I don't really want to go using harsh chemicals as I just don't believe in it. Maybe the sun will gradually lighten my hair over the summer, but I think I will keep at the lemon juice for now, at least give it a few more goes, and you never know, I might be blonde again soon?

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