Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Dr Who Party

To celebrate Louie turning four, Pappy and I arranged a surprise Dr Who party for him, his new favourite 'thing'. I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen making all the party food from scratch. Homemade sausage rolls, couronne, quiche, wraps, sandwiches, crispy cakes, chocolate orange trifle, tardis and weeping angel biscuits and lots, lots more. Auntie Teresa made his cake, a big blue Tardis, of course!
Louie was thrilled to have all of his family around him on his special day. All of the kiddies played so nicely all of the day.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


We all took the day off for Mr Bee's birthday so that we could do something fun, we visited Twinlakes, a theme park designed for littles which isn't so far from us. We hadn't been before and we kept it a complete surprise from the bee. What a fantastic day we had!
Louie was absolutely in his element, all day. The rides were just perfect, and even though the weather held out all day, the inside attractions were so much fun. The indoor soft play kept us ALL entertained for hours.
The dungeon, a maze which is completely pitch black was utterly hilarious. Louie was so brave the whole way through, I think I screamed more than anyone (no surprise there then...).

We finished our day with a meal at one of our favourite places, the 50s Diner in an airstream trailer in Swadlincote.

A fantastic day for a fantastic four year old!

Louie turns FOUR!

 Yesterday our beautiful boy turned four! Where has the time gone! He had a wonderful morning opening his gifts, so many gifts! His favourite must have been the Michaelangelo turtle Pappy gave to him, other highlights include a huge electronic crane from Grandad and lots of cooking/baking goodies and books from his Mama. Not to forget the Guitar that Nana gave to him!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Photo an Hour

Prepping veg for soup.

Baking bread.
Cars on the line.
Water play outside.

A sneaky coffee whilst playing in the sun.
Tear and share bread by Louie.
Afternoon shopping.
Soft play.
More trains.
Quiet time before Dinner.
Leek and Potato and Louie's bread.
Teeth time.
Decoration making.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Above the Clouds

This morning Mr Bee and I drove over to Beacon Hill for a brisk early morning walk. The whole of the countryside was covered with a blanket of fog and the views from the top of the hill were spectacular, as if we were above the clouds. We had to keep moving to keep warm, as the early temperatures weren't much above freezing but it was well worth the trip.

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