Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

This bank holiday weekend has been a slow one,  reading lots of books, playing with toys and cleaning ready for Papa Bees return.

 Mr Bee insisted that we wore silly things on our heads a lot!


Big shoes and Little shoes

Nappy cart...

Helping put the nappies away

Snugglies with Grandad

 This one is for my fellow Border-ites. I have been inspired to re read Jane Eyre, and I am loving it so much more than the first time I attempted to read it. I only got a quarter of the way through. That was in 2006, documented by the 'yellow sticker', signed by Ian.
Discovering I didn't have a bookmark, I made some for the family.

 Even Mr Bee, who is thoroughly engrossed in Babar at the moment. We are slowly working through, a little each night. He loves it :)
beautiful boy

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Packwood House

Today Mr Bee and I visited Packwood House in Warwickshire. The weather was looking a bit iffy, but we took the chance anyway, forgetting Louie's raincoat, silly mama, and despite a little downpour on the way there (And a BIG downpour on the way back) we were very lucky.

We decided that we needed to get out of the house, as we would be on our own otherwise, what with Papa being away for work. 

Packwood House was originally a Tudor house, that was restored by Baron Ash in the 1920s-30s, back to its original style. He was also an avid traveller, and this influences the decor of the house also, with various oriental pieces all in several rooms.

Unfortunately, as I was carrying Mr Bee, my bag and the guide sheet, most of the photos were blurry as I couldn't keep my hand steady, but these are the best ones

Amazing Bathroom

What a stunning view to wake up to

The cutest piano I have ever seen
 The garden was utterly beautiful.

Playing in the Yew trees

 Unfortunately, I was silly enough to not pack a picnic, thinking that we would just get something from the Cafe, however, there was no cafe at the site. Oh dear. Nor did I see anywhere nearby where we could eat. Luckily for us, Baddesley Clinton was only two miles away, so we went there for some lunch.  And because of such a wait (it was busy in the restaurant!) we missed storytime in the summer house, which Mr Bee would have loved.

I did pick up these beautiful flowers for in our bedroom though :)

We had every intention of returning to Packwood House after our lunch, however, Mr Bee was so sleepy, that he was far in the land of nod by the time we returned, and I thought it cruel to wake him, so we moseyed on home instead.
We will definately be going back though, as Papa Bee would love it there, I know he would. There is so much more to explore too, the massive Yew garden, woodland walks and kitchen gardens.

The Black Country Living Museum

Earlier in the week, Nanabee took Mr Bee and I, along with my niece and nephew to The Black Country Living Museum for the day. We have wanted to visit this attraction for some time now, as we like that kind of thing! 
So we got up and got ready, and left almost as soon as the children arrived. We expected the journey to take a little over an hour, however, it took us nearly 2 and a half hours to get there. Birmingham and I do not get along, every time I go, we get lost! We even ended up at Spaghetti Junction at one point! 
A long while, and a small 'accident' later we arrived, to a full carpark and the hugest queue.

Some of the features were lovely, I loved to see the working gardens, alive with vegetables growing in every inch. The children had great fun talking to the 'living' exhibits who were a wealth of knowledge.

 Traditional victorian street games were there for children to help themselves, Mr Bee liked these very much, swinging them around though, not doing it properly.

 There was a 1930s fairground too, which the children couldn't wait to have a go on. We bought some tokens, and Mr Bee had a go on the little childrens ride. He wouldn't look up from the steering wheel for a photo though

The girl who was pushing it around (bless her!) was so wonderful, trying to get photos for us, laughing and playing with Louie, she was an absolute star.

It was a really hot day and it was very busy, which did make the day a little less fun for us. Also there really wasn't much to do for a toddler. I know most places don't really cater for this age, but I have never been anywhere and felt that it was unsuitable, except for here. Which is a shame really.

The highlight for most of us was the Coal Mine Exhibition, which took you down into a mine, with real conditions that the miners would have been in. It was pitch black and we had to stand in the darkness to listen to the stories. Mr Bee was a star and loved it, he wasn't scared at all :)

I don't know whether we will go again, as from what I remember, the Ironbridge village was much better, but I think the children enjoyed it and that is all that matters!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Quiet Weekend

This weekend we have been;
Obsessed with a certain Bee teeshirt! (Louie not me!)
 Being a little ambitious with footwear, and loving it!
 Making pretty marble coloured playdough after Mamabee spent so long making all the different colours

 Playing with our newest toy (since January!), Maypole.
 Eating breakfast in the kitchen, on the stool, like a big boy
 Yummy pastries from the garden centre for brekkie, yum!
 Sleeping like the planking phenomenon
 Enjoying this yummy vicky sponge that was made in 3 mins! I think Nana is quite proud of her microwave cakes
 Crafting in the garden
 Making commissioned cards for a premature little boy :)
 Using new techniques
 Playing with the animals

Farmer Giles was riding the pony!
 Making more business cards
 Enjoying having the park to ourselves

 Getting too hot and needing to cool down
Still missing Papa Bee a lot, he is having fun working at V festival, so far, we have heard that he has seen Kids in Glass Houses, Florence and Jessie J, we are jealous little bees! Another week and a bit and he will be home.
Time for an early night I think, snuggle down and watch a film I think!
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