Wednesday, 17 August 2011


So Papa Bee has gone away to work for about two weeks, it will be the longest time he has been away for a long time. Today was the first day on our own and we miss him already. A Wednesday, didn't have anything planned but needed to get out of the house. I scoured my NT book for somewhere to visit, but everywhere seems so far away for just the Bee and I to go on our own. 
After much deliberation we decided to go to Woodlands, our local garden centre for a wander and to share some  yummy cake.

I was really shocked when we got there that it has changed so much. We haven't been since last Autumn and they have made some big changes. The biggest one is that there is now a Lakeland store there. Well, I was in my element, drooling over the gorgeous baking ranges and lusting over fancy pans. 
Then we headed into the garden centre, Mr Bee loves flowers and we had a look around all the varieties, smelling the flowers and waving at the 'bumblebeeeeeeeee's. We picked up some citronella candles for when we go camping next month (I plan to put them in saved glass jars around the tent, nice and safe, functionally pretty too). And got Papa some BBQ tools, as I knew he wanted his own. Then we headed off to the cafe and shared the most lovely chocolate cake with clotted cream. Mr Bee takes after me with his love for chocolate...! But whilst we were enjoying our little treat, L spotted a (rather large) toy cow on top of a fridge, well that will never do. He didn't rest until we had given him a right telling off, cows are not allowed on top of the fridge and they must get 'dooooooooooooooown'. He is a funny little particular thing.

We headed back into Lakeland to make our purchases. Papa and I have been playing with the idea of jam and chutney making since last summer but haven't gotten round to it yet. I picked up some jam jars and labels so maybe we will actually go through with it once he comes back.

I finally found some small enough pop-top glass canisters to sort and store my buttons. These herb and spice pots were just the right size, glass and ceramic rather than plastic. However, they are obviously more fun to play with as shakers!

When I got home, my graze box had arrived. I stumbled across this company a few months ago and thought that it seemed a pretty good idea. Every month or so, I get sent a graze box of healthy little goodies. The box costs £3.29, I could easily spend that on chocolate or other bits and bobs, and it is only infrequent for me, so it doesn't seem to bad. It makes a pleasant change, and it is like sweeties for Louie, he gets very excited, and I am happy to give it to him, as it is tonnes better for you than a packet of buttons or something like that. 
We enjoyed the 'black pepper doms' with our lunch, especially exciting for Mr Bee as it had a mango chutney 'dippy'. Then we shared the 'Summer Pudding' (cranberries, strawberries, blackcurrants and sponge pieces) for afters. Then Nana and Mr Bee shared the 'Banana Split'(cashew nuts, dried banana and milk chocolate covered puffed rice) as they couldn't wait for their dinner! 
In the box, I did get some voucher codes for a free box for a friend, so get in touch if you want me to pop one over for you to try!

So then, I suggested to Louie that we head up to the park for a little while. Of course, he goes and gets his football and tries to open up the pushchair! Going to the park is a bit of a novelty as it is the only time I use the buggy really. Mr Bee seems to enjoy it though.

Walking is more fun though

I see the park and I'm making a run for it!

but I spotted a 'bumblebeee'! Ladybird!!
 Papa and Uncle T actually popped back in to see us as they had a day on the road and wanted to shower before heading off to the V festival, so it was nice to see them. But Mr Bee was upset to see them leave again so soon :(

So this evening, I've been getting ready for Mr Bee to go swimming with his nursery tomorrow. I hope he enjoys it! He loves when I take him swimming, I just hope that he is a good boy for his key worker Kayleigh.

And it means that I can sit and listen to music and chill out like I used to. Roll on The Cure, Clapton and Get Cape.

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