Sunday, 31 July 2011

So Excited...

Papa Bee and I are eventually planning our first camping trip!

Trust me, it is long overdue....

Nearly 3 Christmases ago, Nana Bee bought me everything I could possibly need to go camping (well the stuff I didn't already have). So basically all we need to do is find somewhere to go, and book it. Except, Papa wasn't keen on the idea.

He is a hotel kinda guy.

But our last trip to Ikea, and dip into Decathlon, I managed to talk him round! So we have set a date, and we are going to go to Wells next to the Sea, in Norfolk. This means that he can visit his tank museum, I can visit Blickling Estate (complete with RAF museum to keep my boys happy!)

I can't wait!

And we have our Cornwall holiday to look forward to as well, but at least our camping trip will be adventurous and best of all, just the three of us!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mr Bee

 L is currently obsessed with his Bee bag. He wears it everywhere.
He will  bring it to you and stand with his back to you until you put it on for him. Such a character!
It is super cute though.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Sudbury Hall

Today we visited Sudbury Hall, we had planned to go visiting on Tuesday but decided to go to Ikea instead. So as we were both around today, I thought it would be a nice day out :)
So we got up early, went to get a picnic and headed off :)

Sudbury Hall

"Don't get your pooey shoes on me!"
Whilst exploring the gardens, we found the most lovely little play park for Louie to play in. A little wooden climbing frame with houses at either end, a slide and a swing. We just LOVE the wooden play park toys, I would love to have a huge garden with them in for Louie to play with.

At Sudbury, there is a Museum of Childhood. There are exhibitions about how children worked in the Victorian times, the attendant commented that Mr Bee was too young to work yet, but he would be in the work house at the age of 6! We visited a victorian school house, but skipped out on the lesson ;)

We both saw lots of toys that we remembered from when we were younger, this one stood out for me. The Polly Pocket in the middle. I had that one when I was a little girl. I even still have it in my bedroom some where.
Then we stopped to have some lunch and Papa Bee treated us to tea/coffee and cakes, mmm! Mr Bee was eyeing them up something chronic!


Then we visited the Hall. Sudbury is where the BBCs Pride and Prejudice is set (yes the one with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy! Swoon!). It was very grand, Papa particularly liked the Long Gallery, and especially the decorated cabinet, which we didn't actually get a photo of.

Papa Bee's perfect desk!

The servants steps, see how worn they are in the middle.

My PERFECT stove!!!

The Long Gallery

The Library stairs.

I also wore Louie on my hip for the first time using the Ergo. I usually wear him on my back, and sometimes on my front, but as I know they are a bit funny in these places about having children on your back (even though Mr Bee is as good as gold) I wanted him to be able to see and enjoy the house, so we experimented with wearing him on my hip. It was surprisingly comfortable, and Louie seemed to like it, however I couldn't reach around to do the straps on my own, so it wouldn't be practical if I didn't have a helper. At least we got a photo for good measure though :)

We both really loved it here at Sudbury Hall, and we will definitely come again. We plan to go later on next time though and head into the village and find somewhere nice for some dinner. I also picked up a leaflet for Hardwick Hall (we were debating between Sudbury and Hardwick Hall today, we went to Sudbury as it was a shade closer) so I think that will be our next NT visit. It looks beautiful.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The Fair

It has become a ritual that Louie and I hang out with Charlene and Lola on a Wednesday, the week before last we had an awesome morning at Go Kids Go, then headed back to theirs for a scrummy lunch. This week we decided to head to Abbey Park in our local town centre, for their annual fun fair.

There was a huge, raised bed sand pit for the littlies to play in, Mr Bee dived in, pretending to swim in the sand, they both liked to sit on the edge :)

 Then we decided to treat ourselves to going on a few little rides with the babes. First we went on the big wheel, which was lovely and tame. We got stopped right at the top to let other customers on, so we managed to get a lovely view of the fun fair.

Charlene and Lola
Mr Bee really enjoyed this ride, as it was nice and sedate. He did keep a hold of the bars for the whole ride though!
Then we thought we would give the little rollercoaster a go... we wished we hadn't! It was a bit rickety and jumpy. Lola and Louie cried for most of the way around :/
 Then we finished up at the fun fair by going on the 'Ski Lift' ride, which Mr Bee was itching to go on! It was just a nice spinning round ride, and Mr Bee was dancing to the music and giggling and clapping! Definitely his favourite.

 What is really lovely about Abbey Park is the small petting area which has some rabbits, goats and varieties of birds. Louie really liked the rabbit, and was doing his cack-handed sign of rabbit, I wish I could have gotten a photo, as it is pretty funny!

 Louie signing 'Goat'

 There is an everso small play park in the petting area, and of course we were led to it by the little ones. Mr Bee shocked me by running straight to this toy, climbing in and rocking away. We don't have a toy like this in our park, which is why it was a shock that he knew exactly what to do.

Louie signing 'helicopter'
Then we spotted a chinook helicopter over head, that seemed to move really slowly. Which was nice as the littlies got to see it for longer.
We had a lovely afternoon, and by the time we realised it was nearly tea time! We will take a picnic next time and make a day of it!
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