Saturday, 16 July 2011

Home Alone

This weekend, Grandpa is down from the homeland, and today, Grandpa, Papa and Mr Bee have gone to Duxford for the day, to see the airplanes! 
Which leaves me at home all day, to have a day to myself (the first one since Louie was born!!!) to get a few bits and bobs done.

I had my craft group this afternoon, and Mom made some goodies, jam tarts and a very fresh and crumbly cherry shortcake, yum yum yummy.

So I got to work making some bits for the craft fair which is 12 weeks today! The first thing that I got on with was this bunting, ready to hang around my table when I do the stall. Just so everyone knows who I am ;) 
I used calico and felt letters and hand stitched each letter to the pennant. My luck was in when my cousin dropped round a BIG box of binding tape for me, a reel was unbleached and perfect for this little project. And perfect timing too!
So then I decided to crack on with starting a makeup bag, which I have been pondering over for a while now. I love this Melly and Me fabric and think it would make a lovely washbag/makeup bag set so last week I bought a shower curtain to line it with, otherwise it would get too mucky in there, and that really annoys me! So I set about sewing the shower curtain material. I had thought about doing it by hand as I expect that Percy (the sewing machine) might eat it... but with the help of a bit of parchment paper...

 Voila! One lining all done. You just need to rip the paper from the seam when it is sewn. Easy as pie.
And here is the finished article.

I think it is very pretty. It is interfaced and lined with white cotton, then lined again with the PVC shower curtain for added protection. There is ribbon detail on the side, and there is hand stitching around the zip in a contrasting yellow to please the eye.
I am really pleased with this little bag, however it does look a little bit wonky. This is only my second ever zip, and bearing in mind that I made this bag without using a pattern, I think I have done pretty well. The problem is that one end of the zip is sort of sewn in, and the other pokes out slightly.
I don't really need it for myself (although I love the fabric...) and would like to sell it. Ordinarily, I would like to get about £10 for this, as it did take a lot of time and effort to make, however if anyone wants to barter I would be more than happy to drop it down :)

It is nearly 7 o clock and my boys still aren't home! I wonder if they have gotten lost or just having too much fun :)

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