Friday, 17 December 2010

Back Again!

I really have been neglecting my blog, and for that I am sorry! I have been a busy bee, busy with nothing interesting enough to blog about!
Christmas is coming and the decs are up, this year we have a beautiful advent candle which I am hoping to keep as a tradition, instead of chocolate calenders! I am starting to get excited for Christmas now, the presents are starting to pile under the tree, the snow has come and gone again, but is promising to show its face again before Christmas day!

For months we have been saying, Louie will be walking by Christmas. At 9 months he started but swiftly gave up on the cause, refusing to even stand up or walk with help! The stubborn mule! However, just as I was talking to his Nana about it, he decided to show off, he can walk! And rather proud of it he is too.

Look at those tegs!

My big boy, 10 Months old

Mama's toys are the best toys!

All of my Christmas gifts have been completed now, wrapped and given to their recipients. I am a bad blogger and forgot to take photographs of the finished articles. But hopefully I will get some photos on Christmas day, although I won't be around to update for a week or so.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Winter has certainly been thrust upon us this year! I absolutely adore all this snow, I could really get used to it. However it is on its way out now, and I can't wait for some more to fall.

It certainly has been feeling wintery and we haven't been going out so much, just staying in all cosy in the warm. Yesterday we had a big kitchen clean up and Dan suggested that we needed a bag to put our rags in. So last night I put together a little bag to hang under the sink for all of the dusting cloths. I used a scrap of muslin I had lying around and some ribbon, it took me the best part of an hour.

Today I have managed to get the sewing machine out *Praise the Lord!* and have sewn the pockets on to the pinnies. I have cut the waistbands for them too, but not sewn them on yet as our machine is so noisy and little man is fast asleep.

I have been desperately searching for a big oversized cream coloured knitted jumper at no avail. Well I saw one I loved in Gap that was £70 so that was out of the question. But I did find what I wanted eventually online and treated myself. I figure it will last me a life time, and I will definitely need it if the weather is going to stay sub zero much longer! And as the next day delivery was only a pound more, I treated myself :)

Tomorrow Dan, Louie and I are going to the Clarendon Park Christmas Market. I wanted to go to the Matlock Victorian Christmas Market but with the weather as it is, I didn't want us to go all that way to have to turn back because of bad roads. But it should be a good day out. We are going to Lockwoods for our Sunday lunch afterwards too, as we are in that neck of the woods. I am hoping to get a nicely crafted decoration for Louie to give to his Nana for Christmas.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I could really get used to the snow! It is so beautiful, especially when there is a constant flurry outside your window. Louie thinks it is fascinating :) He seems to love it just as much as I do.

Yesterday we had a nice cosy day. The snow was falling outside and I made a pot of beautiful veggie soup, baked a loaf and we enjoyed a beautiful home made lunch. Then Louie settled down for a sleep and I got crafty and made some more little gifts.
Then a spot of late night shopping (as late night as having a baby allows!) in town, which was lovely, makes a change for us to go out for a wander!
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