Who Are We?

Mama, Papa and Mr Bee. A family of three from the middle of England.

Things to know;

+ Mr Bee was born in January 2010. Our little pride and joy. 
+ We are the outdoorsy type. Give us some fresh air and wellies and we are in our element.
+ Food plays a big part in our lives. Be it cooking, baking or eating out, we love it!
+ Papa is a Mechanical Design Engineer and originally comes from Burnley, Lancashire.
+ I photograph using a Canon 550d with a variety of lenses. The 50mm 1.8f is my current favourite!
+ You can visit my photography website at www.heidimcclymontphotography.co.uk !
+ Being members of the National Trust is a pretty big thing to us. Any time we have some free time, we visit country houses and gardens. You can find more about our exploits here.
+ I am a long time sufferer of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome meaning that I get intense and chronic pain in my joints. Sometimes I am right as rain and sometimes I am hobbling around on crutches. It isn't much fun but its something I have to live with.
+ Dan and I got married in May 2014 at the beautiful Calke Abbey, Derbyshire.
+ Our latest adventure is the little house in the countryside that we bought shortly after we got married! We are absolutely in love with the beautiful surroundings and we couldn't be happier!

Anything else, just ask ;)

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