Monday, 30 June 2014

Lacock Abbey and Village

Lacock Village is nestled in the South Cotswolds. It is a famous village that you may recognise if you are familiar with the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice but also it is home to the birth place of Harry Potter!
We strolled around the picturesque village and found a little picnic spot before making a bee line for the Abbey and its grounds.

 Inside the grounds, we followed the flower trail and Louie put his photography skills to use once again!

 So many butterflies came out to play, I couldn't resist snapping away at the beauties.

It was fantastic to visit the home of William Fox Talbot, the Grandfather of Photography. The museum was of particular interest (of course!) and even my boys enjoyed it. The Abbey had beautiful stonework in the Cloisters and I enjoyed exploring the house in peace as they played in the sunshine for an hour.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Weekend in Style

Straight after arriving back from our honeymoon was a BBQ at the Ronzano's in Peterborough. I was up early to bake a brownie to take with us and we headed up the a47 to meet Vito and Becka (that is a whole other story...) in the town centre. After a yummy lunch in town, we went back for the enormous barbeque that was waiting for us. 
With delights such as a whole leg of prosciutto, a whole range of Italian treats on top of the usual BBQ cuisine. My goodness, it was one heck of a feast and fantastic company to boot.

 Another busy day on Sunday, up early baking two Chocolate Roulades and painting a card for baby Alistair's thanksgiving service. Another afternoon spent nattering away to friends old and new!

Friday, 27 June 2014


Our week, in brief.
For our honeymoon, we chose a quiet week in the sleepy Cotswolds. We had a lovely little lodge near Cirencester as our home for the week but spent our time visiting little villages, swimming all afternoon and spending the evenings out on our deck watching the sun go down with the wildlife nearby. It was truly perfect for our little family.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sleep and a Tempur Pillow Giveaway

It has been four and a half years since this little bee joined our family, and that is four and a half years of broken sleep.

Oh yes, he does look so angelic when he is sleeping but don't let it fool you, he doesn't sleep for long. We currently have all hopes pinned on school wearing him out so much that he will finally give us some peaceful sleep, without the little demon coming to prod or tickle us, or just have to do some ridiculous task in the middle of the night.

When Booths sent us a Tempur pillow, we never dreamed that we would have to surrender it to Louie, but mid-morning he crept into our bed, kicked Pappy out and slept soundly on this comfy pillow. I would like to say that he continued to sleep but we can keep wishing right?

For your chance to win a traditional Tempur pillow worth £75 enter the giveaway below.

Good Luck!

Friday, 20 June 2014


Fridays. Half a day at work, half a day with my boy. 
Today was a trip to Mr Bee's favourite park. We took the bucket and spade for the sand and the scooter for the skate park - he had a whale of a time.
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