Saturday, 14 June 2014

Waitrose Pure

It has been a while since I posted about my regular skin care regime. I was well stocked up on Clinique goodies after a few birthdays and Christmas' that it kept me going for a number of months! As I was scraping out the last few dollops of my moisturiser, I remembered reading a review of the Waitrose Pure skin care products.

Each product is £2.99, a bargain and when I purchased them, they were on 4 for 3 across the range, so I picked one of each except the make up remover as I already have two bottles waiting at home.
What can I say, my face is beautifully clear, a battle that I have constantly with my skin. It feels clean and refreshed without the pulling sensation from the Clinque range. 

Although I would rather use a dedicated cleanser, the cleansing wipes do a fantastic job of clearing off the days make up and starting a fresh for the day. I have been using the beauty oil as a face wash in the morning and that has been working a treat. The face cream has a lovely, light feel to it which leaves your skin perfectly hydrated all day and the eye gel is perfect for plumping up those tired eyes (after 4 and half years of broken sleep...).

What can I say other than how impressed I am with this range. It is brilliant on the pocket and does a spiffing job of cleaning and generally making my face feel lovely.

Well done Waitrose!

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