Sunday, 22 March 2015

The King Richard III Cortége

Today we were lucky enough to have the remains of King Richard III travel through our little village on its way from neighbouring Market Bosworth (and Bosworth Field) to its final resting place at Leicester Cathedral.

It was a special day in the history of Leicester so of course we were ready to celebrate! We visited our local farmers market in Bosworth for our monthly breakfast of Pick's breakfast rolls and stocked up from our favourite butcher. Thanks to my new love affair with Ocado, it was only a little shop at the farmers market this month.
We enjoyed all of the festivities, with the beautiful decorations all around the village. There were people in medieval dress and music playing through loud speakers, it was lovely and atmospheric and made for a lovely morning.

 In the afternoon, we made our way to the local village green for the medieval party. We saw birds of prey (not ready for their photo finish unfortunately!), ladies spinning wool the old fashioned way and Louie even sweet talked a gentleman in to letting him have a go at archery as I wasn't able. It was lovely to have all of this literally on our doorstep. The village was decorated beautifully and it was evident that everyone had made such a wonderful effort.

 We retreated home to keep up to date with where the cortége was on the TV before nipping to the end of the street to watch him drive past! Unfortunately we were expecting a bit more of a spectacle, everyone did seem a little dissapointed but at least we were there for this momentus day in history.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers Day 2015

Since becoming a mother, it seems to have become a tradition to have a NT day trip. With previous days spent at Sudbury and Canons Ashby, this year we stayed close to home and introduced the family to our new local property. Stoneywell of course.

We started the celebration with a Sunday Lunch, roast chicken with all of the trimmings followed by an incredibly zesty Lemon Meringue Pie. How it came together when I was feeling so completely poorly I don't know! 

Mother hen was completely taken with the entire property, even in the dull, dismal and drizzly weather that we were 'blessed' with! We completely lost the boys, they were having too much fun in the grounds, playing hide and seek and climbing the rocks.

I think it is safe to say that we made the most of a dull day!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mr Tom

We seem to have been adopted by a little tom cat who we think lives a little further down our street! He keeps coming into our garden to say hello and manages to make his way inside the house! We have called him Freddie (I say we, Dan, Mr 'I don't like cats' has called him Freddie) and he seems to have made himself comfortable! His favourite spot seems to be our bedroom window...
He is a sweetie though, very good natured and friendly and maybe a good compromise as we don't think we will be getting a pet of our own for a little while!!


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Happy Birthday

When I moved into our new house in September, I soon joined our local Womens Institute. I wanted to meet some local people and I thought it might be a spot of fun for me! This month our WI celebrated its 80th birthday, the same age as some of its members!!
I however, am the youngest member of the group (by a country mile!) but it doesn't stop me enjoying myself. We had a fantastic magician this month, providing the entertainment for the evening. There were giggles across the room for the entire event! Then what is a party without party food? Everyone bought a plate of something to share, which meant there was an abundance of food and of course a very beautiful birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Newbold Verdon and Barlestone WI :)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Catch Up

It's been a busy few weeks. After Christmas, I hoped things would settle down some, I should be so lucky. We seem to have March fully booked now, with lots going on. Of course March always means Mothers Day shortly followed by my birthday (though they have coincided once!). But this year we have the added event that is King Richard III's re-interment. Louie has had a longstanding interest in King Richard, so this will be a big deal in our household, especially as the cortege bringing his body from Bosworth to Leicester Cathedral will be passing through our village! Very exciting!

But in busy times, it isn't so easy to get the camera out for nice photos, so of course the next best thing is camera phone! Even when the blog is quiet, we still hang out on instagram! Hopefully we will all be feeling better soon (we still have the hideous cough lingering in the household, hopefully no more emergency trips to the doctors!) and we can get out and enjoy the beautiful spring light which we enjoyed yesterday.
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