Sunday, 28 June 2015

Payday Weekend

Weeks and weeks ago, we decided to plan a little day trip on the weekend after payday. We have had some busy, busy weekends recently so we wanted to have some family time before the summer holiday is upon us. We decided to have our annual visit to Sudbury Hall, as Mr Bee wanted to explore the Museum of Childhood. We have been a few times now and it never gets old, looking at all of the vintage toys. He played for ages with the Duplo in the play section, he built a pub (an obvious choice for a 5 year old...!). Then we had a relaxing wander around the beautiful house and garden, stopping off at the play park on the way out, of course.

And for the bit we were really looking forward to. We have had a very 'good' month of eating super healthy without having any take aways or meals out. As a reward, we incorporated a trip to the amazing 50s American Diner. Jaffa Cake Milkshake, a delicous burger and a huge stack of onion rings. It was amazing, as per!

Saturday, 27 June 2015


This afternoon we attended a school friends birthday party. All of the kiddies were so incredibly sweaty from zooming around on the wheely things and bouncing on the bouncy castle. In the party bag, Mr Bee found a little water pistol, so as soon as he got home, he stripped off and commenced a water fight with Pappy.

I'm not sure who won, they were both wet through by the time they called it a day!

The Park

 What child doesn't love a good park to go at? Luckily, our village recently erected lots and lots of new play equipment in our local recreation ground. Before, there was a big climbing frame which was only really suitable for really big kids (teenagers really!) so it was a major relief when there was play things there for all ages.

We spent the best part of an hour testing out all of the new play things after school last week whilst the weather was acceptable! Mr Bee even let me have a go!

And it seems that I have become quite a cat magnet recently. Both of these beauties followed me up and down the street, they were too cute!

Friday, 26 June 2015


During the summer term, Mr Bee has been having football lessons as part of an afterschool club. He hasn't been so good at taking part, but has has loved the extra time playing with his friends. However the best part of the course was of course, getting a medal at the end!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Green Fingers

Call me a broken record as I am posting a lot about my little garden at the moment! I am so pleased and incredibly proud that I am actually managing to grow things in my garden!

This week I have noticed pea pods forming and growing nicely, strawberries turning red and a flood of marigolds blooming in my little basket.

Yesterday I noted three rose buds forming on my little bush, the start of some flowers on the lobelia, and the dahlias are starting to shoot up. There is nothing I like more these days than to potter in the garden pinching out the tomato shoots and making sure the peas and the sweet peas are growing nicely up their frames.

I never thought that I would be able to put my hand to a garden after the bad luck that I have had in the past but I am so pleased at my new little hobby. Maybe next year will be even more organised, who knows!


We spent the weekend up north, to celebrate the second birthday of our nephew (and cousin) Dylan. Saturday we spent traveling up and attending the party. Sunday, Fathers Day, we spent at Hebden Bridge. Only half an hour away from the family home, we cross the border in to Yorkshire for this quaint little town.

We had a lovely Fathers Day breakfast in the Organic House Cafe, I would definitely recommend it if you are in the area, they do a great range for veggies and vegans!

It was a dreary and damp day but we had a little wander around to look at the ducks. Mr Bee was adament that we had to go over the super old bridge which is central to the town. He spent ages looking at the ducks before we set off to visit Great Grandma in her home.

This little fellow was waddling up the high street quacking so loudly, it was a funny sight!

We had a lovely Sunday Roast courtesy of Grandpaw and set off back home (stopping off at our favourite Starbucks en route of course!) ready for the shopping to be delivered.

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