Friday, 30 December 2011

Our Year, 2011

 January: Our little star turns One! 
 February: Getting into crafting
 March: My niece Sophie-Mae is born
 April: An unusually sunny April
 May: Our Cornwall holiday
 June: Strawberry picking with Helen
 July: Joining the National Trust, visiting Calke Abbey
 August: Lots of time spent in the garden
 September: Camping in Norfolk
 October: My first craft fair!
 November: More crafting, this time with Harry and Emily
December: Making some truly amazing new friends

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day

It is a tradition in many households to go to your local footie for the boxing day fixture. As Papa, Grandpa and Greatgrandpa are all footie fiends, and we were all local, we thought it would be a nice birthday present (yes, Papas birthday is on boxing day) for us all to go. It was Mr Bees first football match!

We have been wanting to take him on the match for a very long time now, but we were told we couldn't take him until he was two years old, and with only a month to go, we thought we could get away with it ;)
We wrapped up all warm and stopped off at the club shop for a special treat for Mr Bee, a Burnley hat!

 However, it was nap time, and who is Mr Bee to let lots of cheering football fans stop him from getting his beauty sleep!
 He even slept through a goal! Through all the clapping, cheering and sqealing! Such a funny boy!
He woke up during half time though and was raring to go for the second half. He didn't think much to sitting in his chair though and paraded up and down the row where he could get a better view. He was much more interested in the program for some of it though!

 We were very lucky, in that Burnley beat Doncaster 3-0!! Mr Bee must have brought them luck, as their mascot is Bertie Bee!
Goal Celebration
Mr Bee LOVED the football (even if he was supporting the wrong team :p but don't let Papa hear me say that! Come on you blues!!)

There was even a BIG birthday surprise in store for Papa, Grandpa had arranged a picture on the big screen  for him and a special birthday message! Lucky Papa!


 Mr Bee has loved his second Christmas. We were all well and truly spoiled, Louie receiving a kitchen with ALL the trimmings to go along with it, I got a voucher for a well deserved trip to a spa (finally!) and Papa got an Airbrush and spraying booth for his models. Everyone has been very fortunate this year!

Mr Bee and his beautiful kitchen!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have had a lovely time.

The Santa Special

On the 23rd December, we arranged a very special trip. We were taking Mr Bee on the Santa Special train ride, to meet Father Christmas!
It has been planned for months with the tickets waiting patiently. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, it was dreadful.
 I think this picture explains it all!
When we finally got on to the train, it was lovely, warm and cosy in our own little compartment. Mr Bee thought the seats were great for bouncing.

 We were the first ones to get to see Father Christmas, and Mr Bee was not too sure about him, but was more interested in the little elf sitting in a rocking chair under the christmas tree...

But Mr Bee was very gracious when he was given his gift of a Fireman Sam engine AND a car (spoilt little boy!) and said thank you very nicely and said goodbye. 
Sadly, Louie wasn't feeling his usual happy self afterwards and did fall fast asleep as the train was moving, but that was okay, he didn't miss anything. 
We were given a glass of sherry and a mince pie each and Mr Bee got yet another gift of a balloon reindeer, which he thought was rather fun!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Hard Days Work!

This morning, we got up (a little late, oops) and Papa Bee took Louie to nursery as I braved the supermarket. We have been planning for a long time now to make a lot of our Christmas gifts for our family and friends. It has been a carefully thought out plan, which came together when nursery said that Mr Bee had to go in as we had used up all of our holiday already. So as I had the day off work, I actually had a day to get things done!

The dishwasher took forever sterilising the jars (it barely ever gets used) so whilst we were waiting, I got cracking making the truffle mixture. Silly me forgot that they need to set overnight but not to worry, I should have some time in the morning to get them done.
With the dishwasher still going, I decided to get going with the sugar cookies. They were such a hit last year with the family, that I had to make some more this Christmas.

After a quick trip out to Lakeland to get some posh little boxes to give our friends gifts in, we got started on the chutneys. 
I used the Kirstie Allsop Boxing Day Chutney recipe (found here) but with some alterations (as usual in my kitchen!) and it was a little bit trial and error but it smelt delicious and I think it is so far so good!
Then we began making the Tomato Relish, again from a recipe that I loosely based on. It turned in to a tomato and red pepper chutney that is absolutely divine, and SO easy to make.

Cooling outside
 Whilst the relish was simmering, I got on with icing my cookies. I was going to make royal icing but forgot to check our egg situation and we didn't have enough, so I mixed the icing up as thick as I could get away with and had a go. I am really not the best at icing, it just runs away! But I had a go :)

As Mr Bee and Papa Bee were playing upstairs before bed, I got all the jars labelled up, and some ribbon around the important jars! And as you can see, they must be good, as half a jar of relish is gone already! We had it with our hand made burgers (courtesy of Papa Bee) for our dinner!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


And this all happened before Anna and Isaac arrived, who were coming to make christmas cards...

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Yesterday, we were all invited to Peterborough to spend the day with Vito, Becka and their families.
We visited both families, before going into the town for some last minute shopping. After a walk around visited the beautiful Peterborough Cathedral where we heard some lovely carol singers.

Then we all headed to the local bowling alley for a game. It was the first time we had taken Mr Bee and he absolutely loved it! He adored choosing a ball and pushing it down the ramp. He did so well!

 And even with mastitis, I managed to beat both of the boys! 98, yeah!!
 Then we all went back to Vitos house for dinner. It was the most amazing meal we have had in a long time. A proper italian family meal, with great company. After our meal, the boys went to play in the garage with Papa Vitos motorbikes.

Mr Bee was full of beans until late, we danced along to strictly whilst the boys looked at cars to buy.
It was such a wonderful day out, we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

University Pals Christmas Party

Last night, after a full day shopping, Mr Bee and I met up with Papa and his friends and went out for a Christmassy meal. 

Christmas lights in the evening

Handsome daddy

Colouring with Uncle Vito

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