Monday, 1 August 2011

Sunny Weekend

This weekend has been a bit of a lazy weekend. We popped into town on Saturday morning for a few bits and bobs, then played in the garden all day! 

Our veggies are coming on well now. We have already had a mini harvest of peas, and these are our first two tomatoes, of which Louie scoffed, straight from the plant!

Louie spent most of the day in the washing basket, splishing and sploshing. Generally causing mischief.

 I managed to get a little gift made for one of my best friends who is getting married in a few weeks. I can't wait to go to Wales for the ceremony, I am sure it will be idyllic. Can't wait to see Rach and Liz again, it is always too long.

 We enjoyed a pasta bake 'al fresco' and were joined by 'Great Uncle Gerard'. Mr Bee just LOVES him, and is always keen to show him his new favourite toys. They played for ages with the cars.

 On Sunday, I was such a lucky girl. I was given a lie-in until 11am ! Wasted half the day in bed! When I finally woke up, I found my little man like this...
 a very rare sight, asleep in his pushchair!
So we had lunch when L woke up and we headed off to Wistow maze. Every year it changes, last year it was a Spitfire, this year it was a Bee and a Bee Hive (how apt!)

 Except, it was VERY hot and humid, and after only about 15 mins, we were hot and sweaty, Mr Bee was miserable and hankering after milk so we made a quick exit to find some refreshments.

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