Sunday, 21 August 2011

Quiet Weekend

This weekend we have been;
Obsessed with a certain Bee teeshirt! (Louie not me!)
 Being a little ambitious with footwear, and loving it!
 Making pretty marble coloured playdough after Mamabee spent so long making all the different colours

 Playing with our newest toy (since January!), Maypole.
 Eating breakfast in the kitchen, on the stool, like a big boy
 Yummy pastries from the garden centre for brekkie, yum!
 Sleeping like the planking phenomenon
 Enjoying this yummy vicky sponge that was made in 3 mins! I think Nana is quite proud of her microwave cakes
 Crafting in the garden
 Making commissioned cards for a premature little boy :)
 Using new techniques
 Playing with the animals

Farmer Giles was riding the pony!
 Making more business cards
 Enjoying having the park to ourselves

 Getting too hot and needing to cool down
Still missing Papa Bee a lot, he is having fun working at V festival, so far, we have heard that he has seen Kids in Glass Houses, Florence and Jessie J, we are jealous little bees! Another week and a bit and he will be home.
Time for an early night I think, snuggle down and watch a film I think!

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