Saturday, 6 August 2011

Baddesley Clinton

Yesterday, we had planned to meet up with Sam, Anna and baby Issac for a picnic, though following Thursday's thunderstorms we thought it might not be a great idea. So I suggested we took a trip to a NT property, as I had two free passes for friends. 
Baddersley Clinton is in Warwickshire, so not too far from the Stephenson's, we estimated it would take around half an hour to get there. However, thanks to Papa's sat nav being completely ridiculous, it took us a little while longer! 

 We ended up on this really narrow country road, with lots of tree tunnels, for miles and miles! We got there in the end though!
First stop was lunch, as the little one needed feeding, and us big ones were a bit peckish too! Louie decided that he wasn't very hungry and that the A-frame board was so much more interesting than pasta salad, sandwiches and fruit.
 Then we went to the gardens to explore.


 Then we went to explore the house. I was intrigued that one family lived in this house for over 500 years. I think that is amazing. And they were a devout Catholic family, the house was used as a safe haven for catholics and priests during the Reformation. There were priest holes all over the house, and a bedroom was even converted into a chapel. It was beautiful.


Coats of Arms everywhere

Teeny Weeny Doors - I didn't have any problems though!

An old En-Suite bathroom converted to a priest hole

This room was really wonky!
 Then we went to explore some more. We visited the botanic garden and the vegetable garden. Louie was so good holding on to Isaac's push chair.

Sleepy Isaac

And it had a moat

Bumble Bee

 At Baddersley Clinton, they are doing their bit for the Bee community, with two colonies living in the grounds. They maintain their gardens to be Bee friendly, making sure that certain plants flower etc. We saw LOADS of bee's all day!
It was particularly apt for us don't you think! Inside the house, there was a 'Bee Trail' for children, and although Mr Bee was probably far too young, he loved spotting the Bees, shouting out 'bumble beeeee' every time!

In the vegetable garden

Louie wasn't sure about this scarecrow

Mama and Papa Bee

We had a lovely day, although we probably won't visit again, as it was such a pain to get to! There was certainly lots to see and do, we could have spent much longer there. It was lovely to get out and about with the Stephensons, it was their first day trip with 4 week old Isaac :)

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