Friday, 19 August 2011

Canons Ashby

Today, Mr Bee and I have visited a National Trust site in Northamptonshire, called Canons Ashby. Papa is working away so we need lots of things to keep us busy!
The drive to Canons Ashby was beautiful, down a lovely country road, through the most beautiful villages I have ever seen. I want to live in Litchborough!

How pretty are these borders, gorgeous

Louie didn't want to sit still to eat his sandwiches, instead pretend that the arm of the bench was a horsey. He ate all of his sandwich though!


Mr Bee loves rolling around in pebbles!

Running up and down was so much fun!

 There was lots of lawn games for you to help yourself to, there was hoopla and domines, skipping ropes and outdoor jenga. Mr Bee wasn't really old enough but it didn't stop him dismantling everything. And for some reason, he found croquet to be absolutely hilarious, I would love to know what goes on in his head, as to why croquet is so funny!

This is the cutest drainpipe I have ever seen!

The kids play area, lots of wood to do with as you will

St Mary's Priory Church

 After a spot of lunch, and a pot of tea shared between the two of us (he must take after his father...) we headed into the house to explore. We found lots of hidden gems!

I loved this china!

Okay so it has become apparent that I have a 'thing' about stoves

How cool is this vintage Fire Extinguisher!!

The most beautiful drawing room I have ever seen

This was uncovered from behind panelling, it was commissioned in the 1500s and shows a lion slaying a man, however the lion looks suspiciously like a poodle!

Pear Tree

We had a lovely, peaceful day, Mr Bee was so good and let me have some peace and quiet, happily playing around the gardens.

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