Monday, 30 August 2010

Some updates!

I've added some photos, you can see them




Lady Issues

Although I have breast feeding amenorrhea, I do think about when the time of the month returns. Today I was going through the bathroom cupboard and found various packets of menstrual paraphernalia. I have known of the Mooncup for a few years now but finally researching it properly when I was pregnant, I have decided to invest in one when my periods return. I have never really trusted tampons, from reading articles about TSS in magazines like Mizz and Sugar when I was a tween. And learning that sanitary towels contain similar chemicals to nappies, then do I really want them against my skin?
Plus, decent sanitary products are quite costly, and I would be throwing a good £10-£15 down the toilet every month. So I am going to buy a Mooncup, and some washable pads too, maybe fleece ones would be good, but I'm not fussy, just something that will save me some money and cut down on a) the amount of waste and b) the amount of chemicals we unnecessarily use.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Catching Up!

The cloth nappying is going so well! Louie has been in full time cloth for nearly 2 months now and my stash is growing! I think I have around 10-15 nappies not including the ones Jess kindly gave me, so I can now do a wash every 3 days (if i can fit them all in the nappy bin! We had a slight problem regarding night nappies, the Little Lambs were leaking out every night, but twinned with a Flip wrap, they are doing okay again now! But we have a Wee Notions Night Notions on its way to us as well as some Pumpkin Pants Fleece Soaker to try too - That should be a winning combo!
And the Hooty Booty I have been waiting for for what seems like forever should be on its way to us, and unfortunately will take a little longer due to the bank holiday but it should arrive some time next week!

I have taken the plunge and added to my babywearing collections also. I currently use a Close Carrier, which i absolutely ADORE! But what with Louie weighing in at nearly 20lbs now, he is getting very heavy and I really would rather carry him on my back, which I am unable to do with this sling. So i have bought a Mei Tai, from Funky Slings, with what looks like a truly beautiful print which will accommodate a back carry, and hopefully Dan will get some use out of it too.

To be a little kinder to the environment, and our skin, I have been trying to find alternatives to the mainstream toiletries which have less chemicals, nasties and which have a few more eco credentials. I have been using the new Body Shop range of shampoo/conditioner, which boasts to be very eco conscious, and quite surprisingly, well priced! I have switched to Burts Bee's nappy ointment, as Louie has had dreadful nappy rash welcoming his first two teeth, and with a mixture of Sudocreme, Metanium and the luxurious Burts Bee's, it is clearing up. The Burts Bee's ointment is much more moisturising than any other cream I have used for his botty! Also, worrying about how to clean Louie's new gnashers, I didn't want to go for the traditional Milk Teeth toothpaste for the fear of the fluorides and nasties that he might ingest, as somehow, I can't imagine him spitting his toothpaste out after brushing! So I have gone for Weleda's Childrens tooth gel which is completely natural, so it doesn't matter if he eats it!

Today, we went for a walk in Swithland Wood, and promptly forgot my camera! Louie LOVED watching the trees, seeing various pooches running around and encountering children. We went off the beaten track and saw hundreds of wild mushrooms, I wish I had a mushroom guide, I would have loved to have known if they were edible!

Oh and I invested in the AP book by Dr Sears, which is an absolute bible! I have even got Dan to read it and he is on board, boasting to want to be a better Daddy, and that it has very good values! That made my day!

So I think we are up to date on my natural goings on! :)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Making and Baking!

Yesterday I went into Mumsy mode and decided to bake some bread! (By hand I may add!)
Louie was relatively good whilst I kneaded the bread, and got quite scared when I showed him my doughy fingers! But I successfully made Tomato and Herb bread rolls! They were yummy yummy scrummy! And Louie liked them too!

Then I made Louie some baby legs, from knee high socks. Hand stitched, wonderful!

All in all, a very productive day!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Summer Time!

Making the most of the rare sun, Louie and I decided to have a picnic! Then we did some painting in the garden, finished off with a big splashy bath!

Market Shopping!

Yesterday I did my fruit and veg shopping at the market! My gosh it was cheap! I couldn't believe it! I spent about £5 and got sweetorn, mangoes, bananas, grapes, peppers, cherry tomatoes strawberries and a cucumber!

The sweetcorn was SO delicious too! Much nicer than its supermarket counterparts!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Real Easy!

Dan and I entered a competition to win a Real Easy nappy by Hip Hip Baby, via Babykind!
And Dan won!!

He won a blue spotty medium Real Easy and it is LOVELY! Really soft, fluffy and super lots of padding! And Louie christened it with a poo before daddy could even see it on him :( Boo!

Local Grub!

Whilst at Dan's home, Burnley, we went on a drive and found a restaurant called The Three Fishes. It was lovely! A local restaurant which uses only local ingredients from the region of Lancashire. Dan had Fleetwood caught scampi and squid with hand cooked chips and I had a corn-fed, locally raised chicken breast stuffed with garlic and herbs in breadcrumbs with seasonal green beans and peas!
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