Wednesday, 28 September 2011

17 days to go...

Only 17 days to go before my very first craft fair!

I must admit, I have been a bit of a bad crafter for the past month or so :( I haven't been making as much as I had been earlier on in the year. But with such little time to go, I need to get into gear and make sure I have enough to showcase at the event.

This evening, I have been a busy bunny, cutting out things ready to stitch, doing stock checks, making lists and actually making some stuff too.

I made another little gadget case, they are getting easy to make now. I think I should have enough now :) And I got started on a utility apron too. I will need to make a few aprons to take with me. This one is particually handy though, as it has several pockets for your bits and bobs, great for crafters or to use as a cleaning pinny.

I have a few more rings that I would like to make, and really need to get cracking on the card front. I will also be taking with me drawstring bags, business card holders and my really lovely bunting.

Please come along! I hope to see you there!!

Autumn Camping

Earlier in the year, we decided to take the plunge and arrange a camping trip. I have been camping many times before (I was a girl guide!) however, Papa Bee is very much a B&B/Hotel kinda guy. I managed to finally talk him around though and we began to plan our trip.

We decided to visit Norfolk as it isn't too far away, and we found a campsite (that I stayed at when I was younger) in Wells-Next-The-Sea which seemed suitable enough for us.
We arrived at around 11:30 and got set up straight away, then headed out for some lunch and supplies. We have a camping stove but didn't have any gas for it, so after a trek to Norwich, we had the things we needed to head back and get dinner cooking.

One of the only things I managed to forget was my camera! I was gutted, so we picked up a disposable on our travels as we couldn't not have any evidence of our first camping trip!

We had a lovely dinner of Peppered Steak and rice done on the BBQ, Mr Bee was so good and played happily whilst the BBQ was on. Then he went to sleep not long after and we all had an early night, exhausted by all that travelling!

Above; Camp McClymont! Below; Papa and Mr Bee playing football, Right; Papa making tea on the BBQ!
On Saturday morning, we got up and had a lovely cooked breakfast. I made us tea on the stove whilst Papa was still lazing in the tent! We got dressed and ready and Mr Bee fell asleep in the sun, bless him. We managed to get him in the car though, and he woke up at Blickling Hall.

Above; our first meal, Below; PJs and Wellies making tea in the morning! Right; Sleeping in the sun
On Sunday, we got up promptly, packed everything away and headed for the beach! We walked down and had a lovely stroll along the beach, Mr Bee explored the Beach Huts which was such fun for him!

Above; Wells-next-the-Sea Beach, Below; Mr Bee and I sitting at a Beach Hut, Right; Mr Bee climbing up to the beach huts
Then we headed off into the village for some lunch. We got the narrow gauge train in, it was so exciting for Louie! He sat still the whole way down bless him. Papa Bee and I had chips in the harbour, Mr Bee missed out by falling asleep. But we got him the most delicious cheese and pickle sandwich for his lunch. If you ever go to Wells, Wells Deli is the best!
Above; Wells-Next-The-Sea harbour, Below; Mr Bee and I on the Train, Right;Papa and Mr Bee at Mucklebrough 

After Wells, we headed on the coastal road to Mucklebrough, a military museum that Dan used to visit as a child. It was surprisingly good and all three of us enjoyed it. Mr Bee loved the as masks!!

Then we headed home, after a truly perfect holiday. However we didn't have a perfect ending. We broke down about 2 hours from home. The thermostat broke, the engine overheated causing the headgasket to go, leaving the head irreparably damaged. We had to go home on the back of a flatbed lorry and Dan has been trying to fix it since. Not good at all :(

Such a sad ending to an otherwise perfect weekend.

Blickling Estate

 We have been planning our trip to Blickling Estate from the moment we decided to take our camping holiday in Norfolk. Especially as it has a quaint little RAF museum which is just music to Papa Bee's ears.
We leisurely got up and ready after a gorgeous cooked breakfast! The sun was shining down on us and there was not a cloud in the sky so we knew we were going to have a good day. We set off and our Sat Nav took us there via the scenic route, not the best when your fuel light is on, but we got there,

We headed straight into the house for an explore. It was exquisite, decorated in a Jacobean manner, with plastered ceilings, and even hand painted ceilings. One was particularly wonderful, with all sorts carved into it.

We headed to a local pub (literally just outside the grounds) for our lunch and had a lovely meal. Papa Bee had crab linguine and I had a chicken and parma ham salad, both of which went down a treat. Then we all shared a white and dark chocolate bread and butter pudding which was heaven on a plate, I am going to try and recreate it one Sunday;.

After lunch we had a little look around the RAF museum, but Mr Bee wasn't to interested so we had a look around the garden shop instead. Then we had a good old walk around the grounds, visiting the secret garden and the 'sitooterie' (which is literally just a place to sit out, scottish word).

We decided to head off home whilst the weather was still good to enjoy another BBQ dinner, we went to the shops and got some bits and bobs to make chicken kebabs, which were just gorgeous, and the BBQed corn on the cobs and garlic ciabatta were really delicious! Finished off with some hodge podged s'mores which took some getting right!
After Mr Bee went to bed, we sat out under the stars by candle light. It was such a perfect day!

Monday, 19 September 2011


This weekend I have been glad to be home, for some rest! On Friday, Mr Bee and I baked a loaf (and a little Louie loaf) of bread, which went down a storm, and a victoria sponge too. They were both very tasty.

 We also spent a lot of time in the garden, making the most of the dry weather whilst we still can. Mr Bee washed all the stones, then bathed his toys in the fountain.

Saying 'Stones'

 On Saturday, it was my brothers birthday, we went to his for a get together in the afternoon. Mr Bee, who gives commands very clearly now, demanded that he hold his cousin, Sophie-Mae! She had to be put upon his lap.

 My Sister-in-Law, Beccy, made a lovely cake for his birthday, a trial run for the Christening cake that she will be making for Sophie-Mae's christening in a few weeks time. I think it was a very good effort, Mr Bee liked the darts player on the top ;)
 Sunday was a lovely lazy day. It was the last day with our Irish cousins, Kathleen and Thomas, who had come to visit for a few days whilst visiting their family in Birmingham. Louie really took to them and loved helping 'Nanny Kathleen' (which he managed to say really clearly) play in the garden.

 With plenty of people to occupy the bee, I managed to get a sit down with my coffee and my book, thats the life!

 It got progressively warmer, which was just lovely! So I filled a tub of water for Mr Bee to play in, he bathed all of his plastic animals and had such fun splashing them everywhere.

 Then a ladybird flew right onto my scarf, right in my face! I coaxed it onto Louie's hand, he marvels in little insects. They are very fascinating to littlies though.

Thomas and his Hat
We had Teresa, Pete, Harry and Emily over for their sunday lunch too, it really was a house-full, just the way Mr Bee likes it! Plenty of people to play with. It was lovely.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Trengwainton Gardens

On our holiday, we visited Trengwainton Gardens, a National Trust ran garden near Penzance, Cornwall. The day was looking quite miserable and we didn't know what to do with our afternoon so took a chance on visiting here.
Mr Bee fell asleep in the car so we tried to maneuver him into the pushchair, which was a terrible plan. He woke up within 10 mins, and then the rain came.

We did however enjoy our stroll around the gardens, especially the walled gardens. 

Such neat rows!

Louie not looking too impressed with the weather

Beautiful Dahlias. 

Unfortunately, the rain really started to pour, and we took shelter in here. We waited for it to cease a little then made a break for the gift shop.
Thoroughly wet through (despite us all being dressed appropriately) we headed for the cafe to warm ourselves up!

This garden would be such a beauty on a nice day, we really did enjoy our time here. Hopefully we will be able to return on a better day next time we are in the area!

Autumn Holiday

We are now back from our holiday, which seemed to last forever! We have been away for nearly two weeks, which is the longest we have been away from home since Mr Bee was born, and even longer than that thinking about it. 
We had a lovely trip to Cornwall, then Papa and I headed north for the Christening of our Niece, Summer Daisy.

Our holiday started as it meant to go on, with rain. Unfortunately, it rained every day that we were on holiday, but we did make the most of it.

We began by visiting the Eden Project, as it is quite a distance from where we stay but is en route, so it worked quite well. Our only regret is getting there so late in the day.  You really do need a proper day to spend there, and we had to miss one of the biomes as there was a wedding there. 

We had such a lovely time exploring, Mr Bee loved all the little paths where he could hide from us.

 I particually love this photo, of both of my boys pointing up at the WEEE man. We had our tickets validated into year passes so we shall definitely come back for the day when we return to Cornwall in May next year.

On Tuesday, we decided to make the most of a morning, which gave us a little bit of sun. It wasn't very warm and my it was blustery. But not wanting to miss an opportunity, we packed up and headed down to the beach. Mr Bee wasn't too sure on going in the sea this time, even though he had loved it when we were here last. Papa Bee wasn't shy though and got straight in.


I adore this photograph

Building a wall to save Mr Bee from the sea! Complete with moat.

Surfs up!
 We didn't do much else on our holiday, nothing that really warrants photos. We did visit Tregnwainton Gardens, but that is for another post :)
 And we also visited St Michaels Mount, but it was so foggy that you couldn't see anything. This was about the best picture I could get...! Unfortunately, then my battery wore out so I couldn't get any more photographs. I am sure we will go again though, if only for the delicious lunch that we had in the cafe! Mmm!

After a 5 1/2 hour journey home to Leicester, we piled our clothes in to the washing machine, ordered a takeaway and got re-packed and ready to head off to Burnley for the second leg of our holiday!
We arrived with plenty of time for Papa to get ready for the Christening (Louie and I were dressed and ready for traveling but Papa didn't want to drive in his suit) and we arrived at the church promptly.
After finding our seats in the church, along with the rest of the congregation, we were only told that we had ALL come to the wrong church!
Anyway, there were some crossed wires when organising the event but we all made it over to the correct church. However the Vicar had gone home! We got hold of him though, and the Christening went ahead. Poor little Summer Daisy will have a tale to tell when she is older.

The best photo from the Christening 'do, of Grandpa and Mr Bee
The rest of our time in the north was spent relaxing, which was lovely. Mr Bee got to play with his Auntie Elle a lot which gave me a bit of a rest. Grandma Jojo took us shopping on the Tuesday and we got Mr Bee some new trousers for Autumn /Winter and some jeans for myself (as my favourite jeans have ripped in the knee now, so I replaced them with the same new pair, how I love Gap jeans! They lasted me for 4 years!)
Alas now we are home now, and back to work! We also have some visitors over from Ireland, our cousins, which is lovely. But they have ventured up to Bradgate with my Uncle so today we are having a lovely quiet and relaxing day of baking :)

Its good to be home
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