Monday, 19 September 2011


This weekend I have been glad to be home, for some rest! On Friday, Mr Bee and I baked a loaf (and a little Louie loaf) of bread, which went down a storm, and a victoria sponge too. They were both very tasty.

 We also spent a lot of time in the garden, making the most of the dry weather whilst we still can. Mr Bee washed all the stones, then bathed his toys in the fountain.

Saying 'Stones'

 On Saturday, it was my brothers birthday, we went to his for a get together in the afternoon. Mr Bee, who gives commands very clearly now, demanded that he hold his cousin, Sophie-Mae! She had to be put upon his lap.

 My Sister-in-Law, Beccy, made a lovely cake for his birthday, a trial run for the Christening cake that she will be making for Sophie-Mae's christening in a few weeks time. I think it was a very good effort, Mr Bee liked the darts player on the top ;)
 Sunday was a lovely lazy day. It was the last day with our Irish cousins, Kathleen and Thomas, who had come to visit for a few days whilst visiting their family in Birmingham. Louie really took to them and loved helping 'Nanny Kathleen' (which he managed to say really clearly) play in the garden.

 With plenty of people to occupy the bee, I managed to get a sit down with my coffee and my book, thats the life!

 It got progressively warmer, which was just lovely! So I filled a tub of water for Mr Bee to play in, he bathed all of his plastic animals and had such fun splashing them everywhere.

 Then a ladybird flew right onto my scarf, right in my face! I coaxed it onto Louie's hand, he marvels in little insects. They are very fascinating to littlies though.

Thomas and his Hat
We had Teresa, Pete, Harry and Emily over for their sunday lunch too, it really was a house-full, just the way Mr Bee likes it! Plenty of people to play with. It was lovely.

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