Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Autumn Camping

Earlier in the year, we decided to take the plunge and arrange a camping trip. I have been camping many times before (I was a girl guide!) however, Papa Bee is very much a B&B/Hotel kinda guy. I managed to finally talk him around though and we began to plan our trip.

We decided to visit Norfolk as it isn't too far away, and we found a campsite (that I stayed at when I was younger) in Wells-Next-The-Sea which seemed suitable enough for us.
We arrived at around 11:30 and got set up straight away, then headed out for some lunch and supplies. We have a camping stove but didn't have any gas for it, so after a trek to Norwich, we had the things we needed to head back and get dinner cooking.

One of the only things I managed to forget was my camera! I was gutted, so we picked up a disposable on our travels as we couldn't not have any evidence of our first camping trip!

We had a lovely dinner of Peppered Steak and rice done on the BBQ, Mr Bee was so good and played happily whilst the BBQ was on. Then he went to sleep not long after and we all had an early night, exhausted by all that travelling!

Above; Camp McClymont! Below; Papa and Mr Bee playing football, Right; Papa making tea on the BBQ!
On Saturday morning, we got up and had a lovely cooked breakfast. I made us tea on the stove whilst Papa was still lazing in the tent! We got dressed and ready and Mr Bee fell asleep in the sun, bless him. We managed to get him in the car though, and he woke up at Blickling Hall.

Above; our first meal, Below; PJs and Wellies making tea in the morning! Right; Sleeping in the sun
On Sunday, we got up promptly, packed everything away and headed for the beach! We walked down and had a lovely stroll along the beach, Mr Bee explored the Beach Huts which was such fun for him!

Above; Wells-next-the-Sea Beach, Below; Mr Bee and I sitting at a Beach Hut, Right; Mr Bee climbing up to the beach huts
Then we headed off into the village for some lunch. We got the narrow gauge train in, it was so exciting for Louie! He sat still the whole way down bless him. Papa Bee and I had chips in the harbour, Mr Bee missed out by falling asleep. But we got him the most delicious cheese and pickle sandwich for his lunch. If you ever go to Wells, Wells Deli is the best!
Above; Wells-Next-The-Sea harbour, Below; Mr Bee and I on the Train, Right;Papa and Mr Bee at Mucklebrough 

After Wells, we headed on the coastal road to Mucklebrough, a military museum that Dan used to visit as a child. It was surprisingly good and all three of us enjoyed it. Mr Bee loved the as masks!!

Then we headed home, after a truly perfect holiday. However we didn't have a perfect ending. We broke down about 2 hours from home. The thermostat broke, the engine overheated causing the headgasket to go, leaving the head irreparably damaged. We had to go home on the back of a flatbed lorry and Dan has been trying to fix it since. Not good at all :(

Such a sad ending to an otherwise perfect weekend.

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