Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Duck Weather!

Today our regular Tuesday play date found us at Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire. You may remember that we visited this time last year with our men! This time it was just us ladies and our boys.

It rained... a lot. Non-stop for the whole time we were there! Not afraid of a bit of water, we soldiered on with our waterproofs (or nearly waterproof in Anna's case!) and had fun anyway. We splashed in some really deep puddles, sheltered in the house and the cafe and came home with a gorgeous bouquet of my new favourite flowers, Dahlias.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Calke Abbey

Bank Holiday Monday, an obligatory day off work. With Papa still away, we took Nana and Grandad up to visit Calke for the first time.
Mr Bee lead us around the park and was the perfect host! He really knows that place like the back of his hand now. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012


So today wasn't a normal Sunday. Most of our Sundays are spent with the family, at home, with a Sunday Roast. Today however, I had a photography job on and Nana was out at the theater in the afternoon so Grandad took Louie to his great nephews birthday party. 
 I had a lovely time with the Walker family. Four children and a puppy, I will admit that it wasn't the easiest shoot I have done to date, but it was lots of fun :) Everyone was really sweet and they had some great ideas!
Meanwhile, Mr Bee was making lots of friends, having lots of fun and ended up eating lots of cake. I went to pick him up and ended up staying until bedtime!
The weather even stayed fine for us which meant we could enjoy Marie's beautiful garden. The big hill meant that the boys were entertained climbing up and sliding and rolling down. As always, Marie was a gracious host.

Katie and Trevor

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Autumn 2012 Wardrobe

 I have always been very fussy with the way I have dressed Louie. I am very particular and like him always to be smart. We have always had comments on how well he is dressed, but this is the first time in which I have had the opportunity to put together a whole series of clothes for Louie. We have been incredibly fortunate to have had an awful lot of clothes gifted and given to us. Thankfully, Grandma Jo and I have the same taste ;) It has been fun picking things out, and putting things together so I thought I would share them with you whilst I relax with a cuppa!

Grey 'Ikks and Ikes' Duffle Coat
Red wellies,TU at Sainsburys
Grey Adidas Nizzas
White Shirt, H&M
Purple sweatshirt, Little Bird for Mothercare
Black leggings, Vertbaudet
Grey Cardigan, Marks and Spencer
Cream waffle tee, Zara
Grey Corduroys, Zara

Blue tee, Zara
Bright blue trousers, Zara
Purple Ralph Lauren Sweater
Stripe leggings, Vertbaudet
Bow Tie outfit, Mothercare
Star cardigan, Next
Denim shirt, H&M
Jeans, John Lewis
Stripe Sweatshirt, Joules

Friday, 24 August 2012

Proudest Moment

I often ask Mr Bee what he would like to do for the day. Today he asked if we could visit the farm.
Little did we know that Louie would have his very first pony ride. 
Following in his mothers footsteps, Mr Bee is in love with horses and we have been trying to find somewhere where he could have a little ride. 
We popped him on board 'Red' and off he went. So confident, he was asking to go faster and to do jumping. We will make an eventer out of him yet! It was one of the proudest moments I have had, watching my boy look so natural upon a horse. 

As soon as we arrived home, I contacted a local stable yard (where I began riding, 18 years ago!) and enquired about lessons/rides for Louie. As he is so confident, they are happy to take him on. We are all so excited for Papa to come home so that we can kick start a proper hobby for him.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Papa returned to us for just one day this week. He decided that we should go for a walk in Swithland Woods, however we seemed to get off the woodland track and into some fields! We made friends with a family of Shetland Ponies, climbed stiles, got lost, and had to carry tired legs back to the car.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Biddulph Grange Gardens

Our day was spent exploring Biddulph Grange Gardens in Staffordshire. Anna and Isaac joined us for the trip which was a little further a field than we usually travel for a day out, but it was worth it. The gardens were themed to countries around the world. We enjoyed a lovely picnic and had a very thorough walk of the grounds. 
On our way home, we got caught in a rather scary thunder storm right in the middle of Stoke. The roads were flooded and we were wondering how long it would take us to get home! Luckily it didn't take us too long!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Birthday Party

Today, my beautiful niece turned two! We ventured up to the North for a day of celebration.
On our way, we visited Grandma Julie. We played on the big trampoline, what fun! They had funny fake grass!
Then we made our way to a local soft play centre, the venue for the party.
There was Summer, the birthday girl.
There was Pass the Parcel (you can't have a party without pass the parcel!)
There was cake and sparklers.
There were party clothes.
 There were new friends.
 There was lots of food!
 There was laughter (Nana and Poppa)
 There was lovely bunting.
 There was lots of mess!
 There were party hats.
 There was dancing.
There were lots of baby toes.
There were presents for the birthday girl.
 There were lots of things to play with.
 And there was the proud Mummy!

We had such a packed full day but it was possibly the nicest birthday party we have been to. Thank you so much for inviting us Dani, we wouldn't have missed it for the world. Here's to many more fantastic parties!

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