Saturday, 11 August 2012

Coughton Court

It is fair to say that things have been pretty busy recently. With Papa being away, I seem to be doing the work of three people, we haven't really had time to just sit back and enjoy ourselves. I must admit, a lot of our spare time in the last couple of weeks have involved the Olympics. It was nice to be out in the open air instead of parked on the floor playing inside with the television on watching an array of sports!
We visited a National Trust property near Stratford which was new to us. We were instantly taken by the beauty of the whole area. It must be the most perfect property we have visited.

 Our first stop was the play park, complete with slide and double horsey rocker, which we had to swing together. Mr Bee asked for a photo and then refused to open his eyes!

 Then it was our turn to visit the house. The property is still occupied by the Throckmorton family and the house really does have a sense of home inside. We searched for elephants in each room and were rewarded with a sticker in the office at the end. There were childrens toys and books scattered around the house which was so welcome. It is always pleasing to see that the little ones are included, understood and catered for.

 We had our picnic on a bench in the court yard with the busy bees buzzing around us, Mr Bee loved it! Louie got a little upset when the big children wouldn't play nicely in the park so we decided to get tea and cakes. Then he 'flew' off his chair (an accident) and hit his head quite badly. I was a little worried but he seemed okay after a few minutes. The poor lamb :( He was more worried that he had hurt the chair!
 There is an awful lot to explore in the gardens and grounds. We walked the riverside trail and then explored the bog garden on our way to the kitchen garden. We didn't even get a chance to do the meadow walk or the walled garden!

 How beautiful is this! I love how the flower looks almost unreal,but it is totally unedited!

 Mr Bee was being silly, we had to hold the map in our teeth, he demanded photographic evidence of this!

 We had such a peaceful day and I think it did us both some good. Mr Bee loved the freedom of being able to run free in the fields and was instantly calmed by the tranquility of the river. We really missed Papa today, he would really love it here. We have scheduled in a return once he is back home for good :) 

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