Friday, 24 August 2012

Proudest Moment

I often ask Mr Bee what he would like to do for the day. Today he asked if we could visit the farm.
Little did we know that Louie would have his very first pony ride. 
Following in his mothers footsteps, Mr Bee is in love with horses and we have been trying to find somewhere where he could have a little ride. 
We popped him on board 'Red' and off he went. So confident, he was asking to go faster and to do jumping. We will make an eventer out of him yet! It was one of the proudest moments I have had, watching my boy look so natural upon a horse. 

As soon as we arrived home, I contacted a local stable yard (where I began riding, 18 years ago!) and enquired about lessons/rides for Louie. As he is so confident, they are happy to take him on. We are all so excited for Papa to come home so that we can kick start a proper hobby for him.


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hannah said...

Oh Heidi, how lovely!!! I can only imagine how proud a moment it was for you, how lovely that he has taken so easily to riding :) x

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