Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fifty Nine

Happy Birthday Mom!
Yesterday Mother Hen turned 59, only one more year until the big one and the holiday to the east coast of the USA!
We celebrated with a dinner at our favourite lovely restaurant, Ashfields. 
Mr Bee was an angel all evening. He ate all of his dinner and then decided he was tired. He lay across two chairs and snuggled for a while but didn't sleep for very long, he heard 'ice cream' and perked right up!
They bought out the cake, it was supposed to be pink but was a little more brown in the middle but everyone seemed to like it anyway. And luckily the marshmallow topping stayed intact too, that took me an age to whisk! (And I am not exaggerating, it wasn't finished and I had been at it for over an hour!
Louie stayed awake until 10 o clock and then went to sleep rather quickly as you can probably imagine!
Hope you had a lovely day Mom :)

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