Saturday, 4 August 2012

'The Big Smoke'

Yesterday, Mr Bee and I ventured south to visit the capital. With Papa working away for so long, we thought it would be nice to go and visit him and take him out for a meal, as he is getting barely any downtime.
We set off from home at 8am to pick up Papa's car to drive in, however after driving the car for about a mile, we had a blow out which left us stranded on a dual carriageway in Friday morning rush hour traffic. 45 minutes later, the RAC came to our rescue and managed to change the wheel for us and send us on our way, not without a full check over of the Fiesta which was now going to be taking us down!
We made it into London around 12 o clock. Like any small boy, Mr Bee was excited to get on the train and he was such a wonderful boy. We got some lunch and bumped in to Papa as we left the tube station.
We entered Hyde Park where Papa was working and soaked up the Olympic atmosphere, watching the games on the various screens around the park.
We made a quick stop off at the V&A before going back to pick Papa up for a yummy meal at the local Pizza Express.
We sat in the park for the rest of the evening, watching Rebecca Addlington win bronze for Team GB.
I packed my camera (with allowed lens, they were VERY picky through security!) but unfortunately it stayed rooted in my bag all day. We were having lots of fun and it is fair to say I had my hands full with a toddler in the crowds of people without a pushchair to carry our things.

And finally what a great milestone for my little boy. It is now safe to say he is no longer in nappies. Everyone thought I was mad taking Mr Bee on such a long journey, for such a busy day out with no nappies. I am so pleased to say that he came home in the same clothes he left the house in with absolutely no accidents. What a big boy! I must say that I am sad to pack my nappies away but we are hoping that they will get another use sometime in the future :)

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hannah said...

It sounds like a lovely trip Heidi :) how did you get on with Louie in the V&A? I bet it was lovely soaking up the atmosphere of London :) x

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