Friday, 10 August 2012

Sweet Things

Finding the time in a day to read a whole book!

An out of the blue lunch date to Wagamama's for the first time, with Anna and Isaac.

Brushing up on my photoshop skills at work and at home.

Getting too excited by this bloggers impending arrival! Best of luck Lyndsay!

It is only 3 more days until we have Papa back with us for a short while.

Louie is developing the cutest little friendships, he and Isaac are inseparable these days!

Planning to go to a gig in London in December, I hope we can pull it off.

Scheduling in another couple of shoots is always music to my ears.

Sticking - who knew a sheet of stickers could keep a toddler busy for soooo long!

Daydreaming about our 4th anniversary in November.

Sharings old fashioned cartoons with Mr Bee far too early in the mornings.

And they are my sweet things from this week. Format borrowed from A Peachy Peach and Just Mad For A Sentence :)

What have been your 'sweet things' lately?

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