Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Lie in, windy walk, engagement ring repaired, lunch, wild goose chase, food shop, reading, colouring, cooking, pie, wedding magazines all over the floor, caramel coffee, John Hughes DVDs, night night!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Caramel Cupcakes

What is a party without some very cute and very tasty cupcakes?  Always looking for new recipes, I decided to make Caramel Cupcakes for Louie’s woodland themed birthday.

Making pretty cupcakes is always a little tricky for me (I think its my inner perfectionist), but I was surprised that the recipe was so easy, replacing the usual caster sugar with muscovado sugar giving the cupcake its caramel flavour. If caramel cupcakes aren’t your cup of tea (although, they are very good with a cup of tea!) you can find lots of other cupcake recipes here.

After combining all of the ingredients together, they went into the oven and that was the easy part out of the way. If you are new to baking, there are some great tips over on the Baking Mad website, including a nifty little video showing you how to make cupcakes

20 minutes later, 12 perfect little buns came out of the oven. After leaving them to cool, I began to make the frosting, so they looked like proper little cupcakes. The golden icing sugar gives a great depth of flavour to the icing without the need for anything fiddly. Of course, Louie decided it looked like too much fun so he decided to help me out.

And there we have it. Twelve (almost) perfect cupcakes fit for a 3rd birthday party and goodness, they were very yummy!

Photo an Hour






Playing in the tent, baking bread, breakfast, marble run play, shopping for books and cards, naptime, lunch, making thank you cards, painting, playing with the bees, fixing the car, bath.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Woodland Birthday Party


Today we celebrated Mr Bee turning three. Surrounded by family and friends, old and new, we ate yummy homemade food, talked A LOT, played with new toys and had an awful lot of fun!

A big, huge thank you to all that came, we had a fantastic time and Louie is still too excited to go to bed ;)

Thursday, 24 January 2013


 Today my darling boy turned three. Three whole years since we welcomed our little bundle into the big wide world. He celebrated with his friends at playschool this morning before Mama took the afternoon off work to come and do some serious celebrating. Presents waited until after lunch and each one was opened with such anticipation.

 Big favourites were his Mr Bean DVDs (what can I say, the kid has a great sense of humour!) and also his big boy watch. Pappy waited until we were all finished and unveiled the big surprise, a Thomas Hornby train set which he has been itching to buy since Louie was a little bee!
 We had an afternoon at the bowling alley and Mr Bee got his fair share of strikes and half strikes, before getting a little sleepy and hungry. So we headed off to our favourite restaurant (chosen by the birthday boy) for the traditional birthday pizza.

And if that didn't tire him out enough, we came home to play with just about every new toy in turn.

What a busy day that was so much fun. Louie is so grateful for all of his gifts but he can not wait for his birthday party on Sunday! Thank you for all of the lovely well wishes from everyone :)
Roll on the weekend, spent with family and friends with LOTS of fun things on the agenda!

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