Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our Week

Another little instagram dump from our very, very busy week. After getting the keys to our home last week, we have been frantically moving our belongings in to our new house. What with work and school now, it has been incredibly stressful! I can't wait for it to be Saturday already so that we can get moved and settled in for good.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

So finally, we have bought a house!

We exchanged and got the keys this week so I have been a very busy bee moving all of our 'house stash' in to our actual house!!
All of the things we have been squirreling away for so many years can finally come out of boxes and we can hopefully make this new little house our home.

Apologies for being so quiet, but it has been rather stressful and not much time has been left for doing fun stuff, especially with Mr Bee being in school now! But hopefully once we are in, settled and finally have some internet connected, we will be back into the blogging swing of things.

In the meantime, these quick snaps can keep you guessing about our little house in the country, and once we have things how we want them, you might even get a little guided tour!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Our Week

Another exhausting week has flown by. We have been on a delightful night time bat walk, Louie has learned how to ride his bike (all by himself!), played games at Calke Abbey and had a delicious mid week roast. Louie has been settling in to school and we have been preparing for our impending house move, brimming with excitement.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Starting School

And so begins Louie's school life! This morning we dropped Louie off for his very first day of school. He has been very excited about it and very, very grown up.

We got up bright and early and got washed and dressed. Louie's school uniform is adorable, he looks so smart and so grown up! He has been dying to wear it since we bought it all a few weeks ago. After a yummy breakfast (wholemeal bacon and mushroom muffins, naturally!) we headed off to the lovely little village school that he will be calling his own for the next 7 years!

So brave, he marched straight in to his classroom and settled right in and we left only a a short while after arriving. He settled himself down on a big cushion with a book and had himself a lovely morning!

On  picking him up, he was very excited to have been playing with all of the children, making new friends and playing outside all morning. He has another few weeks of mornings before starting full time after we move into our new house.

I can't wait to see all that he will learn and achieve at school!

This has been a sponsored post but all views and opinions are my own :)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Baby Steps

As our imminent to move to a countryside village draws closer, I have spent the past few weeks preparing for the rural life. Louie and I have spent days driving around the local area, getting to grips with the local shops and visiting places we can spend time in the future.

This weekend however, we have concentrated on the rural tradition of preserving. I can't wait until we will have produce from our own garden to make goodies from, but as we don't have the resources this year, we have sourced ingredients from the local area. On todays menu was Damson Jam, Tomato Relish and Malted Bread, all of which were made with local ingredients. The feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming!

It is a very exciting time for us at present, with Louie starting school and us moving in to our first home. You may need to bear with us at times, but we will be back, and bigger than ever by the looks of it, with lots  and lots more treats like these!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Upton by Tractor

Today we drove down to Upton House in Oxfordshire for a tractor ride around the estate. The wider Upton estate is made up of private farms which maintain arable and grazing fields. The tractor ride took us around the different working fields of the estate, showing us oat fields that were being cultivated by training racehorses, a living bird feed table, working woodland and lots of sheep!
It was lead by the estate manager who also runs the Birds and Bee's seed shop, which uses grains and oils from the Upton estate to create delicious foods for the wildlife from the farming methods already in place.
The views from the tractor ride were phenominal, as you can see! Especially the view of the house and gardens from the other side of the hill.
We spent the rest of our afternoon on the green relaxing and listening to the jazz band playing all afternoon. It was a grand day out!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Calke Morning

Louie has been nagging for me to take him to his favourite place every day for the past few weeks. We needed to get out from under Pappy's feet for the morning so we took off and arrived at Calke really early.
Being so early, we were one of the first families in to the Garden of Imagination and it really was lovely to have the whole field to ourselves.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Louie, Starting School

It has been a long time since I have done one of these posts, however with Louie starting school a week today, I thought it was the perfect time to make a little log (for myself!) of where he is in himself and his development.

Louie is fiercely independent. He can and does do most things on his own. He loves to pay for his own items in shops, he will brush his own teeth, get his own food/drinks and will do most things independently where appropriate.

He loves to play with his cars, playmobil, train set and various puzzles and jigsaws, of which he shows a certain aptitude for. He has started playing more independently, although he will still play much better with a friend.

Sonny has become Louie's best friend. Although they haven't always liked each other, now they are becoming great pals. Louie will lift and carry Sonny with ease, giving him cuddles and letting him sit on his lap. This is something I thought I'd never see, what with Sonny being so vicious!

Louie is able to write his first name completely independently, as well as a handful of other words. We are still working on getting his surname but in his defence, it is a bit tricky! His drawing has improved beautifully and he will have a go at drawing most things. I can't wait to see what he creates for me once he starts school.

Every month Louie buys his Octonaut magazine. This is a highlight of the month for him. He reads the stories with Pappy before bed, we concentrate on all of the writing and puzzles, he enjoys sticking the stickers and of course a little toy each episode is the icing on the cake.

Louie's favourite progammes at the moment are Great British Bake Off, Octonauts and DipDap (a cute little animation on Cbeebies) although he does like a good movie, anything featuring John Candy is a winner at the moment.

We are lucky to now get the occasional full nights sleep! Maybe once or twice a week, Louie will treat us and sleep through the night although we are hoping that when he starts school full time, he will extend this to every night! We can only hope!

He still loves visiting National Trust properties, asking to visit Calke Abbey almost on a daily basis (I wish I was exaggerating...). He loves being out of doors and visiting gardens. He really seems to appreciate gardens and flowers, which is very sweet. He is trustworthy enough to wander off on his own in places that I am familiar with, to enjoy places in his own 'space'.

Sausage and Mash is his current favourite meal, but he still eats a good variety of meals most of the time. He still loves Olives and hates Stilton, so no change there!

In conversation, Louie comes out with the funniest phrases and sayings. He usually sounds like an old man when he comes out with 'oh when I was young' and other things that don't seem right coming out of a small child!

Well that is all for now. I have frequently looked back on 'Louie, Three', which has served the purpose I intended, so hopefully, I will be looking back and remembering those sweet days before my baby starts school, with lots of happy memories!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wildlife Walk

Yesterday we spent the morning at the Sense Valley Forest Park, a serene landscape formed from a former coal mine. Whilst walking, we spotted lots of wildlife. Butterflies, ducks, frogs, swans, many birds and even some otters in the lake, although the only wildlife willing to cooperate for the camera was Louie!
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