Monday, 6 July 2015

Bumble Bee

If you are frequent visitor to my blog, you will know that I have a penchant for those fluffy little buzzy bees. Yesterdays excursion to Upton House gave me a wonderful opportunity to add a few more bees to my collection of photograps!

 I never get bored of these little beauties!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Steph-Clymont Picnic

So today we packed up this happy little face into the car, along with a picnic basket full of food and travelled down to Oxfordshire to visit Upton House with the Stephenson's for our annual picnic party.

It was really beautiful to see the property at this time of year, as it seems that we have never visited in the summer before. Our last visit was at the very end of August so the flowers were going over a little. Lots of photo ops for me but more about that later.

We did lots of exploring and playing in the terrace gardens and after lunch we had a lovely little treat, a dip in the swimming pool! I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to go in, but oh well, you only live once!

 Of course, the boys ended up completely drenched. Boys will be boys after all...

Oh and 'downward dog' is excellent for drying soggy bottoms apparently!

And then came the most enormous rain cloud and thunderstorm, which coincided nicely with our timed house ticket! So we made a quick exit from the gardens to the safe shelter of the house!

Unfortunately (for some) I took hundereds of photos so I'm saving them for another post ;) Check back again soon for more!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I hope we are all enjoying the heatwave we are having! It has been super super hot here in the UK so we have been trying to keep cool in the garden and this afternoon we visited our local Lido, it was pure bliss!
Meanwhile, our garden has exploded just a little! Our tomatoes which were worrying me slightly, have gone mental! There are so many flowers on them and some teeny weeny fruit growing!!
Sadly, the strawberries have taken a massive hit in the form of slugs. My gosh, I never knew that I could hate the little creatures quite so much. They have obliterated many of my plants which was devastating. But luckily, we have managed to get them under control and they seem to have gone away, YAY!
The peas and beans are producing nicely and the sunflowers are still slowly growing.
On the ornimental side of the garden, the rose has 4 buds forming and in the pots, the bulbs are growing nicely (though I can't remember what I put in them...).

It is such a pleasure tending to my little potager!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Payday Weekend

Weeks and weeks ago, we decided to plan a little day trip on the weekend after payday. We have had some busy, busy weekends recently so we wanted to have some family time before the summer holiday is upon us. We decided to have our annual visit to Sudbury Hall, as Mr Bee wanted to explore the Museum of Childhood. We have been a few times now and it never gets old, looking at all of the vintage toys. He played for ages with the Duplo in the play section, he built a pub (an obvious choice for a 5 year old...!). Then we had a relaxing wander around the beautiful house and garden, stopping off at the play park on the way out, of course.

And for the bit we were really looking forward to. We have had a very 'good' month of eating super healthy without having any take aways or meals out. As a reward, we incorporated a trip to the amazing 50s American Diner. Jaffa Cake Milkshake, a delicous burger and a huge stack of onion rings. It was amazing, as per!

Saturday, 27 June 2015


This afternoon we attended a school friends birthday party. All of the kiddies were so incredibly sweaty from zooming around on the wheely things and bouncing on the bouncy castle. In the party bag, Mr Bee found a little water pistol, so as soon as he got home, he stripped off and commenced a water fight with Pappy.

I'm not sure who won, they were both wet through by the time they called it a day!
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