Saturday, 30 June 2012

Isaac Turns One

Today we went to Isaac's first birthday party. I can't believe that little splodge is very nearly a year old!
We had a great time celebrating with his closest family and friends.

 The birthday boy!

The wonderful cakes!

 Seth and his Daddy, Russ
Isaac and Isaac playing together.
 Uncle Max and the gorgeous Grandma Hilary
Isn't Isaac the cutest!

 Pass the Parcel

Mr Bee was an absolute dream all day, which made a nice change from last weekend. As usual, he and Edward, Anna's younger brother, were inseparable! Aren't they cute!

We had a great day and I hope Isaac did too!

A Special Day

Yesterday I was taken on a surprise trip! All the way there I was guessing where we were heading to, and that was Calke Abbey, one of my favourite places to spend the day.
Papa treated us to a special lunch, then we headed into the gardens to do some exploring. We found a big tree that looked game for a bit of climbing, so up Papa went and Mr Bee and I stayed closer to the lower branches.

 Isn't it just the most beautiful place, I love the wildflower meadows. We saw an awful lot of bees, this one seemed to follow me around!

 We visited the house on a tour again, Mr Bee was fascinated, sitting still and listening to the lady.

 Until he got a little bored and thought my welly might be more entertaining!
 After our house tour, something quite amazing happened. As we were heading up the hill towards the gardens, right by the lovely climbing tree, Dan got down on one knee and proposed! It is fair to say that I have been waiting for this day for an awful long time, and I got rather embarrassed! He didn't want me to take any photographs which I am quite sad by, as it would have been a lovely addition to our scrapbook.
So then we went for a wander to show Papa the bits of the garden that he had missed on his last visit. We found some vivd blue flowers here, we were all shocked at just how blue they were!
 And Papa decided that he should like a row of sweetpeas leading up the drive to our house. How pretty.
 And here is the ring, if you know me, you will understand just how perfect it actually is for my star-loving self. I never did think that I would get my star engagement ring that I had dreamed of so it must have been meant to be!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Its Wednesday and the Mr is back! After work, we played football with Mr Bee on the lawn, visited the Garden Centre for afternoon tea, cooked a lovely paella and now we are spending the rest of the evening chilling in the garden, setting up my photography page and watching the football.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Play Date

Today we had a little play date with Anna and Isaac, Nade, Emmanuel and Evangeline!
The toddlers caused CHAOS!

but it was all in good fun!


 The craft fair on Saturday was a success, Louie was pretty good considering he had to sit behind a table for nearly 7 hours! He was especially cute sleeping in his pushchair, and was excellent looking after Isaac all day :)
On Sunday, inbetween the rain, we headed to Bradgate Park for a nice walk as somehow my little angel turned into a monster over night!

He was grand whilst we were out on our walk but raised hell as soon as we got home and he hasn't returned my nice normal Mr Bee!

If you are hiding out there, we would like you to come back now please!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Long Day

So much to do, so little time!
Housework and LOTS of preparation for a craft fair very early tomorrow morning!
Mr Bee has been missing Papa and Nana and has been generally glum :(
A busy day and a busier evening and a well deserved cocktail in my favourite vessel, my Dads old drinking glass.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Photo An Hour (ish)

Yesterday, I finally became a member of the I-Phone club (a bit behind... I know!) so I thought I would play around with the camera and various apps to do a photo an hour (ish, I didn't keep to it as much as I usually do) for you :)

Early morning for us today. Papa is away so we had to get up extra early to get all ready for work and playing with Grandad.
 No milk for porridge meant nutella dinosaur toast for breakfast - what a treat!
 Off to work, plenty of orders to pack up!
 And new Nappy Gurus to welcome :)
 Home for lunch, cheesy sandwiches for Mr Bee.
 Then off shopping ready for our week on our own. Papa Bee and Nana Bee have flown the nest for a few days so it is just us little bees for a few days.
Fridge cleaned and stocked up. 
 Stopped into John Lewis for a gift for Papa, I hope he likes it :)
 Lasagne for dinner this evening, possibly my best so far.
 Evening stroll to the park for football....
 And a workout, toddler style.
 After an easy bedtime, I made a start on a bunting cushion cover - turned out beautifully :)

So that was our day today, finally getting the hang of this iphone malarkey ;)
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