Wednesday, 28 March 2012


The sun has come out to play! We have been busy doing not a lot in the sunshine!
1. Uni friends BBQ, yum yum!
 2. Toys moved out of doors.

 3. IMac moved outside so we can listen to some music!
 4. Mr Bee's book and Mama Bee's book.
 5. Trying to use the sewing machine.
 7. Hide and Seek

 7. Mowing the lawn with Grandad
 8. Climbing
 9. Washing pebbles.
 10. Trip to the garden centre, we saw lots of ornamental animals/

Lovely! How have you been enjoying the sun?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Green Fingers

Earlier in the week we bought lots of seeds to plant in the garden so that we can grow veggies for the summer. Yesterday, Nana, Mr Bee and I started clearing up the garden and set to work planting the seeds.

 Mr Bee really got involved, putting the onion bulbs into the containers, then filling the little trays up with compost ready for the seeds. Hopefully he will have green fingers, unlike the rest of us!

 We took a little lunch break and Mr Bee had an Oreo biscuit... he made such a mess!
 The sun was shining and it was really warm, the nappies looked lovely on the line.
The water feature seems to have suffered from the cold over the winter and has now got a great big crack in the water bucket. Papa Bee was trying to mend it, so Mr Bee decided he would be the new garden feature, he is a silly sausage!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Today is officially the first day of spring, so a great time to pop to the garden centre to get supplies for the garden. 
 Veggies were on our shipping list so we decided to get seeds to plant out at home. Mr Bee had fun choosing.

 Quick stop at the cafe for a nibble.

So perfect and beautiful.
 We got a little stuck in the bookshop. Mr Bee made himself rather comfortable and we read an awful lot of books before going to find Nana who was almost waiting outside!

Our Goodies
 We ended up bringing home 3 pots of lavender, some rather ropey looking tomato plants, a strawberry plant and a big pot of Thyme. In packets, we bought Broccoli, Carrots, Beetroot, Parsnips and some Onion bulbs. I can't wait to get them all planted out in the garden. Still a lot of work to do clearing up after last year.
Haven't baked in a few days so I was feeling a bit of withdrawal. We made some Chocolate cupcakes to the Hummingbird Bakery recipe. I was just about the put them in the oven when I realised I had forgotten the sugar, oops! Good job I had a quick taste! A few minutes later they were all sugared up and in the oven.
Mr Bee helped me decorate them with cream cheese frosting. I think he did pretty well!
Chicken with Creamy Thyme Sauce for dinner. Beautiful if I do say so myself. Will post my recipe when I get the time.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Bits and Pieces

1. Overtime at work means Mr Bee comes along for the day!
2. Mr Bees big thing at the moment, The Muppets - what a good boy at the cinema!
3. Mothering Sunday preparations for Nana
4. A congratulatory card for our beautiful friend Becka.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothering Sunday 2012

 Today I celebrated my third Mothers Day. We exchanged gifts, I received a new Cath Kidston cosmetics case and a lovely card, and we gave Nana her homemade card and gifts. Then we started to get ready for our special trip.

 As I was preparing the picnic, Mr Bee was so eager to get going that he put his 'suit' on and was raring to get out in the rain! We headed into Derbyshire to visit Sudbury Hall.

Anyone home?

'Louis the Lion' hoody by Olive and Moss
 The weather could not make up its mind but we took shelter in the Childhood Museum. We all enjoyed the museum, especially Nana.
Fascinated by the ceiling

Apparently I had this very toy!
 We were just in time for school. We waited in line to be allowed in to class, sat in our chairs and waited for the teacher. Mr Bee sat so well but did get restless. He went round collecting rubbers... luckily he gave them all back!

 The teacher even let Louie ring the class bell!
Couldn't miss a Muppet!

 We could not tear Mr Bee away from this school bus. He did not want to leave, not even for his lunch. Luckily we managed to distract him with a train.

 Mr Bee was allowed to walk around the house on his own this time, however he was very eager to touch anything and everything. Papa Bee told him to keep his hands by his sides but he marched around like this instead. It was incredibly cute.

Mama always admires the book cases

 We decided to take the short trip back to the car in the horse and carriage for a treat. Saxon was such a beautiful and obliging horse. Mr Bee was fascinated.

The Bees in the carriage, rather windswept!

Our new friend, Saxon
 Whilst we were in the area, we decided to pay a visit to the 50s American Diner. I have been desperate to visit for months now as it looked so authentic and wonderful. There were some interesting cars outside!

What a beaut!
 We had the thickest most icecreamy milk shakes we have ever had! Strawberry for Papa and Mint Chocolate for Louie and I.


The 'Joe Dimaggio'

Waiting for pud, playing with the table confetti

 Us Mummies were presented with a single red rose at the end of our meal. Mr Bee was so excited to give the 'gower' to me, so very sweet.
 We all had such a wonderful day, finished off by a lovely relaxing bath. Perfect

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