Saturday, 27 August 2011

Packwood House

Today Mr Bee and I visited Packwood House in Warwickshire. The weather was looking a bit iffy, but we took the chance anyway, forgetting Louie's raincoat, silly mama, and despite a little downpour on the way there (And a BIG downpour on the way back) we were very lucky.

We decided that we needed to get out of the house, as we would be on our own otherwise, what with Papa being away for work. 

Packwood House was originally a Tudor house, that was restored by Baron Ash in the 1920s-30s, back to its original style. He was also an avid traveller, and this influences the decor of the house also, with various oriental pieces all in several rooms.

Unfortunately, as I was carrying Mr Bee, my bag and the guide sheet, most of the photos were blurry as I couldn't keep my hand steady, but these are the best ones

Amazing Bathroom

What a stunning view to wake up to

The cutest piano I have ever seen
 The garden was utterly beautiful.

Playing in the Yew trees

 Unfortunately, I was silly enough to not pack a picnic, thinking that we would just get something from the Cafe, however, there was no cafe at the site. Oh dear. Nor did I see anywhere nearby where we could eat. Luckily for us, Baddesley Clinton was only two miles away, so we went there for some lunch.  And because of such a wait (it was busy in the restaurant!) we missed storytime in the summer house, which Mr Bee would have loved.

I did pick up these beautiful flowers for in our bedroom though :)

We had every intention of returning to Packwood House after our lunch, however, Mr Bee was so sleepy, that he was far in the land of nod by the time we returned, and I thought it cruel to wake him, so we moseyed on home instead.
We will definately be going back though, as Papa Bee would love it there, I know he would. There is so much more to explore too, the massive Yew garden, woodland walks and kitchen gardens.

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