Sunday, 31 July 2011

So Excited...

Papa Bee and I are eventually planning our first camping trip!

Trust me, it is long overdue....

Nearly 3 Christmases ago, Nana Bee bought me everything I could possibly need to go camping (well the stuff I didn't already have). So basically all we need to do is find somewhere to go, and book it. Except, Papa wasn't keen on the idea.

He is a hotel kinda guy.

But our last trip to Ikea, and dip into Decathlon, I managed to talk him round! So we have set a date, and we are going to go to Wells next to the Sea, in Norfolk. This means that he can visit his tank museum, I can visit Blickling Estate (complete with RAF museum to keep my boys happy!)

I can't wait!

And we have our Cornwall holiday to look forward to as well, but at least our camping trip will be adventurous and best of all, just the three of us!

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