Sunday, 3 July 2011


This weekend we had Grandma Jojo and Auntie Elle down to visit us. Yesterday we went into the city centre for a spot of shopping :) Mr Bee got the gorgeous babygrow in the pictures. Papa Bee got treated to high heaven and we had a lovely lunch in the John Lewis cafe.

Today, we have had a lazy day relaxing in the garden, playing with cars, bubbles and on the park.

 This weekend, Mr Bee has been saying a few more words! In the picture below, he is saying 'bubbles'.

Bubbles go 'POP'

 We saw lots of planes and helicopters over head today. This is Mr Bee demonstrating the baby sign for Helicopter!
 Then we were talking about trains, and this is Mr Bee signing train!
Big Love

Big Love
 Despite being rather overcast all day, it was quite hot. So we cracked open the milk lollies for Mr Bee and Elle.


Mr Bee has also started saying 'again' and 'Elle' today, hopefully this will be the start of his speech coming to life!

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