Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bit of a catch up

 Last week Louie was rather poorly. I suspected he might have an infection and took him down to the out of hours doctor at the Royal. They put the frighteners on us and told us that he might have pneumonia and all sorts and we were admitted. Thankfully it is just a virus and over two weeks later, he is back to his normal self again. As you can see from the first photos, he really was a poorly little bee :(

 I have been making ice lollies for Louie, as I refuse to give him lollies packed full of sugar and additives. Instead he now has some lovely lollies with just strawberries and yoghurt which are delicious, and it used up dregs from the fridge!

Louie's new favourite hobby is gardening! He recieved a watering can/gardening set from us for his Easter gift, and a greenhouse from Nana and he is thrilled with them! Although he can't use it all properly just yet, he is giving such a good go! He has had such fun throwing water all over him self with the watering can and has been digging up the dead pots and smearing the soil into his skin! He is such a joy!

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