Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Controversial Parenting

I recently have been subjected to some abuse over the parenting styles I have chosen. I am perfectly happy in the choices I have made, and firmly believe that I am doing the best I can for my son.
I was accused of having more money than sense. This has been bothering me profoundly. How can choosing to live a more natural life possibly be more costly than a consumer based lifestyle. My collection of slings combined with my pushchair still wouldn't add up to the cost of her solitary pushchair.
I have no problems with the way other people raise their children, as they are their parents and they know their children best. I do have a problem with people being closed minded about other styles of parenting.
I used disposables for the first few months of my sons life, due to lack of knowledge about a) the nasties in disposables and b) about how easy it would be to get into them. I have been accused of being 'disgusting' and 'cruel' for using them. I would never dream of saying that about someone using disposable nappies. In my opinion, I can advise of the advantages of cloth, but would never say 'you're a bad parent for using disposable nappies' or even look down my nose at them.
I have also been abused for my opinions on breastfeeding. How I feed my son is my choice. I want to bond with my son through nursing, whilst providing comfort and love. All the health benefits are just a massive bonus. If a mother wants to formula feed from birth, thats her choice, which she is entitled to. I do believe babies are born to breastfeed, and that why shouldn't we use this fantastic resource we are given to its advantage, but if they don't see it that way then thats fine.
When I was pregnant, I planned to breastfeed but if it didn't work out, then I would give formula. Thankfully it has never come to this, and I plan to feed for as long as Louie wants. He has now dropped all his day time feeds, and just feeds through the night. I had hoped to feed him until he was three but I'm not so sure that that is what he will want. I will stop when he wants to stop.

What is wrong with following your babies cues? Or wanting to hold your baby close to you rather than push them in a chair? Or wanting to nurture them through nursing?

I don't question what is seen as 'conventional' parenting, so why should I receive such negativity about how I raise my children?


Anna said...

GASPS! Who said that??

Heidi Liz said...

someone I went to school with!

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