Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fluffy Heaven!

Today I visited Laura, the owner of Fill Your Pants  I popped by for a natter and to buy some (boring) bits from her. Only some more wipes, solution and vest extenders! Laura is lovely, and I got to meet her husband and her little boy Walker, who is gorgeous!
It was very tempting being around all those nappies though, I did spy a Birdcage Mini La La, but I have enough... I have enough!

Went round to the breastfeeding support group afterwards. It was PACKED! 13 Mums there! I felt awful as Louie is into everything, crawling, walking and literally terrorizing everyone and everything, so we sat in a corner on our own :(. We are now the most experienced breastfeeders in the group, rocking up to 9 1/2 months and counting!

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