Monday, 4 April 2011

Lovely Weekend!

On Saturday, Louie and I spent all morning in our pyjamas, Louie not getting dressed until 1:30! (He did have a super big sleep over lunchtime though so he can be excused!)
We spent all day spring cleaning, from top to bottom and I managed to get some crafting done!
I painted an egg box ready for the Easter Egg Hunt, so we are nearly ready! I made some daffodils for our seasons table, which is looking really good now, what with the flowers, eggs, knitted and wooden animals and books. I am proud of it!
I also got to work on the activity blanket that I am making for baby Splodge. Anna requested a sensory blanket, so I am going to have a go at doing both, all being well. I have about 10-12 weeks to get it done I think! I had better get cracking! One panel is well on the way though, with the main features on the panel, they just need sewing.
Meanwhile, Dan was busy fixing Dougie, discovering the damage, two very large patches of rust which he gutted ready for welding. She is still going though, poor car! I can't believe I have had her for over three years now!

Mothering Sunday I was given a beautiful gift, of Belvoir fruit cordials in a lovely box, inside a really gorgeous Cath Kidston bag :) We had breakfast made for us and then we went out for lunch, with Martin and Becky, Sophie-Mae and all of Becky's family. It was a lovely afternoon. Then we went to visit Teresa and the clan :)

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