Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Crazy Hats 9th Annual Charity Walk!

On Sunday morning, we got up very early (with protest I may add!) after a manic few days, to drive down to Wicksteed Park in Kettering for the Crazy Hats 9th Annual Charity Walk!
This is the second year that I have attended. Last year, I was a mere 5 weeks post partum, and bearing in mind the state I was in, I was very proud to have completed two of the five miles, carrying Louie in a pouch sling. Everyone cooed at him whilst he slept most of the way!
Crazy Hats Walk 2010

March 2010, 5 weeks old!
This year, I am proud to have taken part, we marched around the park and completed the 5 miles at 12:00. It is my first charity walk in which I have used my Ergo, which was kindly donated from the Ergo folk in Germany. We plan to do more fundraising events throughout the year.
I am pleased to say that I carried Louie (weighing approx 22lbs) extremely comfortably, and as you can see, he was comfortable enough to have dozed off!
I adorned my crazy statue of liberty hat which I have had for about 15 years, which my Mom bought for me to grow into which is still too big :P Unfortunately I didn't have a silly hat for Louie, but I have one in the pipeline for the future so I will keep you posted! We managed to hit the £100 mark this year too!
Anyway, here are the pictures and proof I did it! 
Marching on ahead!

To prove my 5 miles!

Louie and I with Glennis, the founder of Crazy Hats

With my medal and certificate!

Louie wearing a silly hat with Nana!

You can find out more about the charity here at Crazy Hats Breast Cancer Appeal

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Anna said...

awww i want to come next time please!

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