Friday, 11 March 2011

Teething Problems

Louie has his molars coming through and has been poorly all week. His tummy has been off, he has barely eaten a thing and he is very clingy :( Hopefully they will come through soon and we will have a lovely Louie back!
Having a poorly tummy means that his normal nappies aren't doing the greatest job :( His poo has gone back to the breastfed consistency as he is barely eating anything, and he is going a good 3-4 times a day at the very least. So we have dished out the Little Lamb fitted nappies out of the cupboard.
They were retired as they are very old and stiff, not to mention bulky when we were using them at night. But they are perfect for days when my little man is feeling rubbish :)
Teamed with a Weehugger wrap, they are functional and ABSOLUTELY cute!

Not to mention Louie's awesome teeshirt which reads 'I Like Milk From My Mum, Not From Just Any Old Cow'!!!

Not that you would know he was poorly from these photos! A rare few smiles as he plays with his book and bunny after lunch. Seriously, how cute is that nappy! And Louie too of course!

Well the weather is improving! The sun has been shining and there is a good breeze in the air, perfect for getting those nappies out again! Their first time on the line this year. 
As Louie has been poorly, I have been washing my nappies with Tots Bots Potion and a good few drops of Tea Tree oil. Tots Bots Potion is antibacterial washing powder specially designed for nappies and the Tea Tree oil is antiseptic so combined, they should wash all the nasties away.
I have recently bought some Soapnuts but have only gotten round to using them once or twice so far because Louie has been poorly and I thought the Potion would be most suitable. My plan was to use Soapnuts regularly and then every two weeks or a month give them a wash with the Potion to give them a really good clean. 

It is brilliant to see the nappies back out on the line!

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