Saturday, 5 March 2011

Newborn Cloth Nappies!

I would like to announce that we will be introducing a new member to our family in the near future! My brother and his wife have been trying for a baby for 5 years and due to several problems, have not been successful.
On Sunday, Becky took a pregnancy test which came back positive! On Monday she went to the doctor and he confirmed this. Then on Thursday, she was told she was 30-34 weeks pregnant! What amazing news! Thursday evening, and she is having pains so Mom takes them to hospital, she isn't 30-34 weeks pregnant, but 37 weeks! THIRTY SEVEN!

So my brother asked me to get nappies ready for them. Yesterday I went to the office and made a little newborn starter kit.

 My newborn starter kit contains

1x Nappy Bucket
2x Mesh Bags
1x Wet nappy bag
12x Muslin Squares
3x Nappy Nippas
2x Newborn sized wraps
2x Tots Bots Teenyfits
1x bumGenius XS
10x Fleece liners
1x Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit

Total : £116.35

This kit is designed to be a starter, for the first few weeks (depending on the size of the baby of course). Moving on to a Birth to Potty kit later on. The Muslin squares can be folded either like a terry square and fixed with a nippa (modern type of nappy 'pin' which is completely safe!) or pad folded and just placed in the wrap. The muslin can just be taken out and the wrap wiped clean and used again.

The teenyfits and bumGenius XS will go on just like a disposable nappy, the only problem with these is that they take longer to dry.

The fleece liners are designed to draw moisture away from babies skin. These will need to be used on top of the muslin squares and the teenyfits. The BGs have a stay dry layer already but still could be used to prevent staining.

The cheeky wipes kit is so easy to use. Fill the box with about 2/3cms of water, add a drop or two of the fresh oils and soak the wipes in the water. You don't need the wipes to be TOO wet. Just pop them in the nappy bin or bag and wash with the nappies. Reusable wipes are one of the easiest way of saving HEAPS of money. The kit comes with a small wet bag to transport the wipes when you are out.

Most people think that cloth nappies are a nightmare out and about. That is what wet nappy bags are for! This too will just wash with the nappies no problem.

Once the baby is here, we can arrange some bigger nappies, I am thinking I will put together a set of Smartipants for them, as they are such an easy option, and great value for money.  And they have all the essentials now, so they will just need the one set of bigger nappies.

So there is your lowdown to starting your stash of cloth nappies! And I will be sure to keep you updated on Baby Raynor!

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