Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Washing Line OCD

I am so particular when it comes to sorting laundry! It has to be hung out in a particular order. It is funny because I am not like this with anything else!
Coming into contact with other cloth users, it is clear that seeing lovely clean nappies on the washing line has a common appreciation. From Grandmothers sharing their joy for the stringent white terries hanging out, to the modern Mums admiring all the colours and patterns hanging out to dry!

At the UKAware show, I met a Mum who was quite like myself, who was a little obsessive about her washing line! We bantered about how things have to be in order, and how she couldn't use odd pegs and things like that!

Wipes and Liners


All In Ones

Pockets and Wraps

1 comment:

Lucy J said...

my dh has to use certain colour clothes pegs. Pink for dd, blue for ds, orange for nappies you are not alone!

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