Friday, 29 April 2011

Activity Mat

As I have vowed to myself that I would try and give as many handmade gifts this year as possible, I jumped at the chance of making a lovely baby gift for my wonderful friend Anna. Her little bundle, known as 'Splodge' is due mid June, so I have had plenty of time to think up things to make for them, and collect bits and pieces to make them with.
So far I have made a drawstring bag, which is holding all the goodies that I have been collecting for them. She has also thought up a wonderful idea of knitting a blanket where all her friends and family donate squares to contribute! You can find out more about the blanket here :)

After Christmas, I bought a lovely bundle of gorgeous kiddy fabrics in anticipation of a big project, but I had no idea what to make. Some thinking drew me to the conclusion of putting together a play mat for the baby! I thought it would be a challenge for me, but a beautiful gift to give to a new baby. Something that no other baby will have too!
However, I have never quilted before, and have absolutely no idea what I am doing, so it is very much trial and error. I have already had to scrap two panels which have just gone completely pear shaped and aren't salvageable, which is unfortunate. 
So third time lucky, I have hand appliqued the bits on to the backing panel and it has gone well! I have used cross stitch thread to applique, as I thought this would give a nice texture and nice bright colours!

 Clearly, it is a hit with the kids, as Louie absolutely adores it! He wouldn't let me take a picture of it and kept running away with it!
So this is the first panel so far! The clouds are felt and lightly padded, and the airplane is made from two different fabrics, and is stuffed with a crinkly sounding material!

Hopefully the other panels will turn out as nice and it will come together to be a lovely gift for baby Splodge!

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