Saturday, 22 June 2013

{this week}

Breakfast at Carluccios with Becka, Anna and Isaac, wandering around the DeMontfort University Degree Show for most of the day. A girly evening in with a Mexican feast courtesy of Becka, and hours of girly nattering.
A perfect day spent ditching the motorways in favour of back roads through the countryside. Basking in the gardens of Canons Ashby. Fixing a dodgy noise coming from my brakes and finding a little vintage shop on my street, coming back from a test drive with a new chair for the bedroom.
Work. Come home to more work. A bit of excitement of an evening. A big crash happened about 100 metres from our house. A car drove into a lorry and the whole road was closed off for about three hours, causing traffic to pile up all the way to the M1, it took Papa over an hour to get home! Getting the bedroom nearly finished. Carpet down, curtains up, mirror hung, TV installed, bits and pieces back on the shelves, sorting photographs for hanging. Going to bed far too late.
More work. Lunch at the garden centre so Mr Bee could play. Sorting out more photographs to display, more sorting and cleaning. Amazing Indian food for dinner for just Papa and I. Researching for some of our weekends away later in the year.

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