Sunday, 2 June 2013


This time next year, I will quite happily be a Mrs! 
Since Thursday, I have been daydreaming non-stop about how our day will be. What will happen, who will be there and of course, dreaming about saying those precious words, 'I do'.
I was set to be spending our wedding 'pre'versary alone, at work, and then picking Mother Hen up from the airport however Dan rushed home from Burnley to rescue me, as I unfortunately had a car accident on my way home. Luckily no-one was hurt, and the other lady's car had next to no damage (nothing that Dan couldn't fix in half an hour and £20 later). My car suffered the brunt of it, but of course, Super Dan fixed it. She may not look so pretty but she still does her job. 

So, Mother Hen fancied a trip up to Calke to see what the grounds looked like at this time of year. Grandad, Nana, Mr Bee and I piled in to the car (Papa went back home) and off we went. The weather was glorious, so lets just hope it is the same for us next year!
We played, sunbathed, walked barefoot and generally had a fantastic, blissful day.

On our way home, we decided to visit the cottage we will be staying at whilst we prepare for the big day and of course, spend our wedding night. We did find it on our last visit, however it was occupied so we couldn't be too nosy, we were glad to know where it was though!
Today however, we had more luck. We were able to have a little look to see how big the rooms inside were but I was more than happy just to see the surroundings. Beautiful fields with a public right of way running along side the cottage. A little woodland and cornfields with wild deer running free, I couldn't imagine a place any more perfect. Now we just have to hope for fine weather!

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