Thursday, 6 January 2011


So its a New Year, and a time for new endeavors.
Last year was such an amazing year with so many changes. Louie was born and he has brought us so much joy. I actively tried to change my lifestyle to promote a more green and ethical way of living. I do believe every little helps but I think I have made a very good start!

So a new year, a new job!
I have been offered a job at Fill Your Pants, the online nappy shop. I will be working for two days a week, where I will be leaving Louie for one day with his Nana and one day at Nursery. I feel ready to return to the world of work now, although I would class myself as an attached parent, and would love to stay home with Louie for ever and ever, but needs must. And nursery will be so good for him. It will be one day a week, so it isn't like he will never see me! And he loves children and playing and he will have a ball.
We will still have 5 whole days together, and will still be able to do our Tiny Talk class :)

Now for Christmas, I was a very lucky girly. Many people cottoned on to the fact I was making my own Christmas gifts and I was given some lovely crafty gifts myself! Dan bought me my very own sewing machine, which is amazing, more than I ever thought he would get me! And he gave me the 'Stitch' Cath Kidston book. And my sister gave me the 'Sew' Cath Kidston book! So for my birthday, I think I would like a bigger sewing box, because mine is tincy tiny.
So there will be lots of new projects starting soon. My first project will be for my sister, something she saw in the 'Sew' book ;) But with new babies arriving, I have found some fabric to make some patchwork delights for them.

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